Tony Blair cancels his visit to industry zone as strike erupts

Tony Blair cancels his visit to industry zone as strike erupts

(thereporterethiopia)—Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s visit to the Eastern Industry Zone, a Chinese built manufacturing zone, has been canceled following the ongoing strike around Oromia and the outskirts of Addis Ababa.

Leading his team from Tony Blair Institute for Global Change to Ethiopia, Blair was scheduled to visit the industry zone erected at Dukem, some 30 kilometers from Addis Ababa. However, the former Prime Minister was forced to cancel his visit as unrest and stay-home strike engulf the region on Monday. The Reporter could not find out what his next task will be after the cancellation of his visit. Monday morning Prime Minister Hailemariam Dessalegn met Blair and discussed issues of manufacturing industries housed in the industrial parks. The Tony Blair Institute for Global Change is behind the technical support and introduction of the deliverology phylosophy across government bodies in Ethiopia.

Since 2013, the former premier was engaged in assisting African governments via Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative, a for profit entity and currently, the Tony Blair Institute is tasked in providing governance and other leadership supports. Tony Blair Institute, trading as Tony Blair Institute for Global Change, is a company registered in England and Wales.


  1. Tony Blair is war criminal… committed acrocits in Iraq , Ethiopia ( by aiding TPLF apartheid regime from start and creating lyu- police Ganges in Ogden ,,,)
    His organization is not more lobbyists and Maney laundering apparatus for wayane looters where by tony gets % of looted resources and lobby for apartheid minority regime in FINNFINNE..

  2. “…Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative, a for profit entity…”
    Well, he got the message by cancelling his looting journey.
    He went to make profit from blood of our people. Qerro should never grant foreign criminals and sponsors of TPLF free passage in Oromia, no matter who they are and where they come from.

  3. Such organizations could have hidden agenda to accomplish. In this era of neocolonialism Africans should not trust the so called western donors and advisers!

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