Yaa Oromoo! Osoo naannoo Oromiyaa ta’ee nama meeqatu du’a laata?

Yaa Oromoo! Osoo naannoo Oromiyaa ta’ee nama meeqatu du’a laata?

Hundaafuu polisiin Oromiyaa, humni addaa Naannoo Oromiyaa fi warri isaan ajaju hiriira mormii har’a Naannoo Amaaraatti taasifame irraa waa heddu baruu qabu.

As Amhara Community Take to the Streets PM Abiy Ahmed Is Stuck in a Precarious Position
A peaceful protest has taken place today in the town of Dessie in the Amhara region. Protesters have condemned what they call the killing of the Amhara people by the Benishangul and Oromo administrations.
The Amhara uprising was sparked by the ongoing war in the Oromo-dominated Wollo zone in the Amhara region.
The Ministry of Defense said yesterday that a state of emergency has been declared in northern Shoa (Shawa) and is currently targeting the OLF, according to state media. It is the fourth state (formerly Metekel Beneshangul Gumuz, Tigray, and West Wollega region to have declared a state of emergency) shortly before the election.
Ethiopia, Africa’s second most populous nation, is no stranger to unrest. The country’s constitution divides Ethiopia into ethnically based territories, but many disputes over boundaries have never been resolved.
Outsiders were startled by the endless violence because Ethiopia was considered an economic success story. In the decade before the authoritarian government finally gave up power in 2018, Ethiopia’s economy grew at 9.9% per year, and building projects produced some of sub-Saharan Africa’s best roads, bridges, and electricity grids. But the spoils weren’t shared equally. Ethiopia is still a poor country. Unemployment among young people remains high. The protests finally forced Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn to step down.
Enter Abiy Ahmed, who was sworn in as Prime Minister in April 2018. Abiy committed himself to national reconciliation and political openness. However, the situation in Ethiopia under Abiy Ahmed continues to deteriorate day after the other.
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