Yaa Obsaa kee fi kutannoo kee leencaa oro

Yaa Obsaa kee fi kutannoo kee leencaa oro
Afaanuma salphina kee himetu deebi’ee ulfina kee hime har’a…

Are Oromos the Whites of Ethiopia? In the West, because they are considered privileged, nobody cares when Whites are attacked in speeches. Everybody else, Blacks, Hispanics, LGBTQ, #MeToo etc have their own interest groups and attacking them is big risk. ‘Everybody picks on the Whites’, as it is said on South Park 

The case of the Oromos is absolutely mind boggling. Oromos are still destitute, never been on power, never oppressed anybody else, never imposed their ideology on anybody else but still all political punchlines target Oromos, over the last century and half. Oromos have been the target of repeated aggression and oppression even when they are defeated and living in destitution.

Why? The answer is simple. Oromos are huge in number. They have very organized system. They have their own political system that can actually stand alone which means Ethiopia either should look like Oromo or it faces disintegration.

Insulting the Oromos is not new. However, it just makes one sad that people insult Oromos even under a perceived assumption that the nation is not under subjugation anymore. There is no reason to dehumanise, denigrate and insult Oromos.

In European or Western standards, Oromos need their own separate country or they become the dominant force within a country they dwell in. This is where we are heading to.

ተሪክን የኃሊት

Dubbii fi Iccitii Masaraa Minilik keessaa Jaal Gammachuun dursee himee ture; Dabballeen OPDO garuu amma illee ija hin bananne!!
Yaa warra Minilik nuuf jiraadhaa, ibidda isin qabsiiftaniin, dheedhii keenya mara bilcheeffanna!!

Biyya Kabajaa itti argannu, ijaarrachaa jirra! Yaaddoo hin qabnu! Oromiyaa!!

Sorry non-Adis residents 😂 particularly non-beautiful ones 😂 NO BEST WISH 4 YOU!

We, Adis residents, we will be soon covered by Adis God.
Moreover, the wish is for many years we continue to walk down
Birhanu M Lenjiso