Wow!! Jaal Dawud Ibsa: A Leader with Moral Authority!

”Dawud Ibsa: A Leader with Moral Authority!

The OLF had many leaders who are noble, brave and worthy of praise. All of them gave up every opportunity they had for the sake of their own people. Many of them, dead or still alive, are adored for that. However, only very few of them possess the moral authority that makes them stand tall.

Dawud Ibsa, the current leader of the OLF, is an exception. He is a man of principle who proved himself not just as a leader but a giant with unparalleled moral authority – a quality only very few leaders can rightly claim.

You may ask why? And how? First, let me define moral authority – having the weight, a sense of wisdom and experience that encourages other people to put their trust in you.

A leader with moral authority is someone who has turned time into an ally— one who repeatedly proved to be consistently competent, maintained a consistent character, and showed consistent courage. Note that there is a common theme here—Consistency.

Consistency is key to leadership and success. In fact, it’s the sign qua non of leadership. If you do the right things the right way for the right reasons when you are young, it often goes unnoticed by the world at large. But do that over decades (40 years in the case of Dawud Ibsa), more credit, love and respect than you think you deserve will flow your way.

Are you bracing for evidence? Just remember September 18, 2018, the day 5 million Oromos showed up in Finfinne to welcome Dawud Ibsa and the OLF leadership back to Oromia. Credit goes where it belongs!

Back to my point on consistency! Dawud Ibsa has been consistent in his political position, character, thinking, and interactions with his colleagues and the Oromo people at large —and because of that, he has been able to stay in the game for over forty years. Call that a layered living—the benefits and gains of the sufferings he endured to cultivate a life of worthy leadership that others may want to learn from and emulate.

Fast forward to moral authority. In a world filled with daily changes and continuous disruptions, people look for a leader who can provide stability. A leader with moral authority is flexible enough to accept changes while steadfastly trustworthy and providing hope. Spend an hour with Dawud Ibsa, you will come across with the conclusion that his consistency exudes trust and hope even in the face of adversity.

Dawud Ibsa also excels in three critical areas that unquestionably establish him as a giant with moral authority:

Competence—the ability to lead well. Making smart decisions, knowing your people, understanding your field, and committing to personal growth. Dawud Ibsa knows what he does, something you can come across only if you are close enough to him—and he learns from his mistakes. For me, this is what establishes him as a leader worth following.

Courage—moving forward in the face of fear. Dawud Ibsa is undoubtedly fearless. However,, the courage I observe in him is not defined by the absence of fear, but the presence of mind to act when faced with fear and crisis. Dawud Ibsa has the courage to make hard decisions, needed changes, and cast vision. Pained by the impunity with which the Abiy government treating the Oromo people, when I asked Dawud Ibsa what we should do, his response was clear and straightforward: “stay at it, do what you are good at, and the truth shall prevail”.

Character—being bigger on the inside than the outside. Leaders of character know who they are is more than what they achieve. Dawud Ibsa has unparalleled integrity, authenticity, humility, and love. He always puts people first; lives to make a difference, not to make money; he is always himself; expresses gratitude, rejects entitlement; has the will to be misunderstood and lonely for the right reasons.

It is my belief that Dawud Ibsa has made the commitment to live out those things, not because he saw them as a means to an end, but because he felt they were simply the right things to do.

Finally, I feel that Dawud Ibsa is a leader with moral authority, because he never granted himself the authority, but allowed the rest of us to see it, deny or grant him.

Summing up, in a shifting world, leaders with moral authority provide the foundation for others to build upon. Dawud Ibsa’s leadership, whether you agree with me or not, is a leadership worth its making and I am very proud to say it.

Prof. Bedassa Tadesse~!!”


“Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people – does not even pretend to try. Instead, he tries to divide us.” – General James Mattis

I can say the same thing about Abiyot kasaye (Abiy Ahmed) of Ethiopia!!

Kamaal Galchuu utuma bukeessuu iccitii tokko gadi baase. ..” nuti KFO’n akka Gamtaa hogganu barbaannee turre” jedhe. ABO’n shira kanas ni cabse jechuudha. Sadii ta’anii Gamtaa uummachuuf ka’anii lama ta’anii ABO irratti shira hojjetan. ABO’n kun ija meeqa qaba laata? Shira sana arguun isaa. Osoo gamtaa tokko waliin ijaaruuf deemtuu dursitee gartuu uummachuun gantummaadha.

Faajjii Dhugaa


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  1. “Bishaan darbuu gahe ni ajaaha”,jedha Oromoon. Uummati Oromoo kana mitii,wayyaanee meeshaa guutuu hidhattee,isa fixaa turte harka qullaa fura dhaabbatee,qeerroo,qarree fi ummatasaa waliin fincila diddaa garbummaa ofirraa dhidhimseera,haata’u malee kanammoo waan calliseef qaba,Oromoon gara-bal’eessaa waan ta’eef battalatti tarkaanfii fudhachuu hin barbaadu,gaafa humnasaa ol-ta’u garuu roorriftuu daaraa godhee biyyasaarratti mo’uu danda’a.Maarree,”Obsaan aannan goromsaa dhuga”,jedha mitiiree?

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