World Bank announces $4.7b loan, grant to Ethiopia

World Bank announces $4.7b loan, grant to Ethiopia

World bank

(journalducameroun) —The World Bank has announced a $4.7 billion loan and grant to support development projects in Ethiopia over the next three years, APA can report on Friday.The $4.7 billion is 50% in loan and 50% in grants, with the loan given on “very favourable terms that all of us would like to borrow,” World Bank country director to Ethiopia Carolyn Turk told APA.

The announcement came as the bank launched its five-year (2018-2022) Country Partnership Framework (CPF) for Ethiopia which, among other objectives, is set to increase the number of people with access to electricity to 50 percent.

It also seeks to decrease stunting prevalence in children aged 0-23 months by 36 percent, and to protect up to 14 million people from food insecurity; double the area of reforested lands and the number of land use certificates; and, reduce travel time on upgraded roads by more than half (56 percent) to make market centers more accessible farmers.

“We just launched what we call the country partnership framework. It is a three-year framework based on the framework under which the World Bank would support Ethiopia by availing up to 4.7 billion dollars.

“We have jointly identified the focus areas as structural transformation of the economy; resilience and inclusiveness, and it is about institution-building,” Dr. Abraham Tekeste, Minister Finance and Economic Cooperation of Ethiopia told APA.

The Country Partnership Framework is designed to support the country’s Second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP II), while supporting the Bank’s twin goal of eliminating extreme poverty and boosting shared prosperity and achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

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  1. USA, the source of HIV, is responsible for the social crisis happen due to this. your tear is of crocodile. Do not lie poor people. in my interest it better if USA and other westerns stay way from third world countries. I’m hundred percent sure they become prosperous soon. almost all deaths, diseases and poverty across the world are yours. in short enjoy with the death of poor people.

    Even today, the Tigrai boys who rule empire Ethiopia imported communist countries population control mechanisms and western countries business traditions in order to confuse our sense of freedom with our desire to live better life. But understanding that our freedom comes before everything, we continued fighting the Tigre colonial rule and we are very close to safeguard our rights and adopt meaningful economic and political policy that can serve all fairly.

    But the major obstacle remained to be the OPDO who started echoing the voice of the mass as if it is going to embark on a quest which the Oromo Liberation Front planned to achieve. Mean time, that quest is riddled with challenges and obstacles ranging from trying to reframe the dying empire, liberate 50 million Oromians from the Tigreans colonial rule, and also give 100 million habitats a new hope.

    As it tries to satisfy these multiple challenges that comes from multiple corns, the OPDO became like a hole in the golf course awaiting to host multiple balls at the same time. Not only that, the OPDO also is seen recently as a hero in the eyes of thousands which in fact makes the game an octagon play.

    This time when the Oromo people want to end a century and half Habasha occupation of Oromia by going against the wishes of the habasha parties who are hoping to get off the ground by using the political vacuum created by the Oromo movement; the TPLF is trying to re-invente itself by using the Ogadenian Somali militia it trained to kill the Oromo people; the ODF wants to mingle with whoever gives it any position in the new government; the old TPLF messengers aka OPDO have grown tired of playing the Tigre tribe’s political game, the Arabs don’t want the Abbayyaa dam to be built and the OLF is becoming a strong force.
    Most importantly, this time when the Oromoo Qeerroo continues to protest vowing away foreign investors, it is too disconcerting for the investors to bring their businesses into the dying empire, hence all the talks that the OPDO leaders give now days is nothing but a fantasy.

    In reality, what the OPDO desperately need is a catalyst for real change, i.e a real strong army that can fight the Tigre colonial army at every corner of Oromia and liberate itself from it’s servitude position. The Oromo people know that taking back their lands designated as Malasa Zenawi’s park is not enough.

    On the other hand, everyone knows that the Tigre boys pay huge amount of money to American lobbying firms and receive military, intelligence and financial help in the name of fighting Islamic terrorists. They have also established league of friendship with communist china, Korea, Japan and with entire western governments.

    When it comes to the so called coalition party known as the EPRDF, the Tigreans fully control it’s executive, judicial and legislative bodies and they have full power to tax and to regulate the country’s commerce, amend rules or make new ones as they wish.

    Although the role of these puppet organizations is limited to giving impression that they represent their ethnic groups, the three of them are used by the TPLF to undermine OPDO’s demands. For that reason, the OPDO has no option but act as if it has full sovereignty and the federal government could do nothing in Oromia without its approval. But in reality the OPDO can’t even demand that afaan Oromo to become the working language of the empire. When they did, the minority tribes led by the Tigre boys unanimously approved that Finfinnee was created by Minilik’s slaves, hence, it belongs to all people. They even went to as far as saying that Oromians demand to make afaan Oromo the working language of the empire will destroy the federation.

    One way or the other, the Tigre boys argument that a strong central government with sufficient authority is needed continue to make the OPDO insignificant group that speaks for the Tigreans power by representing certain geographic area of empire Ethiopia. So, regardless of the OPDO hiding her vulnerability, the Tigreans will remain to be supreme leaders of the empire they named a “perfectly united country.”

    So, what’s next!

    1. The Oromo people don’t believe that they are represented in the Tigre ruled false federation

    2. The delegates who occupy chairs in the Tigre parliament are not elected by people

    3. Empire Ethiopia is weak economically and politically

    4. The Tigreans are rich but everyone is poor

    5. The national treasury is empty of hard currency

    6. Inflation is rampant and Birr is nearly worthless

    7. The trade deficit is staggering

    At the face of all these challenges, the Tigre boys still act strong and victorious. Instead of reacting timidly because of all the problems stated above and many more, they will continue to ignore everything until the Oromo forces crash their Somali mercenaries, overcome the ongoing ethnic cleansing and genocide against thousands of Oromians who were killed, evicted and jailed in Jijigaa, Qallaffoo, Dagahabur and many parts of Ogadenia, southern and eastern Oromia.

    Although the Tigre boys understand that they are facing a staggering obstacles in Oromia and the Amhara region, they will continue to stick around as long as they have strong military and factional puppet organization that claim to represent the Amhara, southern people and Ogadenia. The dilemma that the Tigre boys can’t overcome is their inability to reconcile the irresolvable differences on how to allocate the ingredients of national power between them and other states.

    The TPLF has already copied the chines parliamentary system and made herself the monarchy of her puppet parties known as the EPRDF. Along that, the fact that fifty million Oromians still feel that they are living under slavery is essential to make the dying empire’s politics repulsive.

    Deeming they remain in power essential to the Tigre tribe economic success, the Tigre boys will remain faithful to their agenda of creating greater Tigrai. So, no TPLF member would oppose to the genocide they are committing in Oromia. They are fearful that if let power slip out of their hands before Tigrai is entirely developed, the opposition would unite and kill their efforts. Mean time, this type of proceeding obviously impossible inside the OPDO. There is irony in the fact that the group which was created to protect the interest of the Oromo people and their right can’t do much even in underground setting. In an open, they will continue to act as though they would not tolerate the TPLF aggression even if they can’t do anything when the TPLF shoots and kills the Oromo people everywhere.

    If the minority tribes occupying several hundred chairs inside the Tigre parliament continue to vote in favor of the Tigre interest at this pivotal time when the Oromians are being killed, the fragile base of the rotten empire will continue to diminish by the forceful Oromo movement.

    Mean time, a chance that the OPDO and the TPLF have to put aside their sectional differences and build new loyalties to agree on a strong central government is slim. Timely events are persuasive of such need but since the OPDO will not be able to recover from the humiliation it faced at national level, their differences will continue to persist. As such, the OPDO may assist the Oromo rebellion against the TPLF to increase it’s frightening prospect and draw it back into the orbit of the limited

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