Will Ethiopia’s genocide be worse than Rwanda’s?

Will Ethiopia’s genocide be worse than Rwanda’s?


  1. Phew, finally, here is a Journalist worthy of that formerly venerated professional designation, AND I mean that!

    It is refreshing to read a report from someone who sees through Amhara elite LIES and obfuscation! Well done Mr Michael Rubin! You are a CREDIT to your News Organization which I intend to follow from here on out!

  2. Irkoo,

    Sorry I was away for a bit there! Thanks for asking though! The writer above is, unfortunately, RARE among journos today! I truly enjoyed reading his piece!

    Here we are: the World is resigned to the strong probability that Abiy Ahmed Ali is on his way to committing atrocities against the People of Tigray AND the Oromos which is going to outstrip the genocide perpetrated in Rwanda! I just CAN NOT AVOID ASKING THIS QUESTION: where are the likes of Ezekeiel Gebbissa today who were PROMOTERS of this MURDERER in their love fest in Minneapolis? I HAVE NEVER HEARD THE MAN APOLOGIZE FOR HIS MISTAKES, WORSE, I DO NOT EVEN KNOW IF HE BELIEVES THE INTELLECTUAL CREDIBILITY HE PROVIDED FOR HIS “DEMOCRATIZING” ETHIOPIA HAS BEEN NOTHING BUT A DISASTER EVEN FOR HIS “FRIENDS” JAWAR MOHAMMED AND BEKELE GERBA! I use him as an example, but there are so many Oromo “intellectual” double-dealers who sold the Oromo people a FRAUD and a MURDERER, named Abiy Ahmed Ali!

    The People of Tigray are just the first in line for the GENOCIDE; the Oromo People are right behind them! Make no mistake about it: apart from the OLA AND the TDF, these people HAVE NO DEFENDERS what so ever! NOT THE U.N, NOT THE U.S.A, NOT THE EUROPEANS! May G*D help the poor souls of these two nations who are about to perish in an Amhara Elite State instigated FAMINE, AND a war of ETHNIC CLEANSING fully underway against them!

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