Will Abiy Ahmed be the last prime minister of Ethiopia??

Will Abiy Ahmed be the last prime minister of Ethiopia??

Ethiopia is nothing but the product of its law specially its constitution. Anything, specially from its leader, that undermines its law is blasphemy and serves to the disintegration of the country. It is not language, it is not religion, it is not geography, it is not culture, it is not psychology that keeps Ethiopia together. It is the LAW. Language, culture, psychology, geography might work for each Nation and Nationality but for Ethiopia it is only the LAW that keeps the country, nothing else.

What the PM Said about the constitution is absolutely wrong and it warrants his expulsion from the party, in the future if not today.

Ethiopia exists when the Law that binds it exists. Ethiopia was put together as a country through covenant in 1991 evident in its constitution. The PM thinks the country can continue without the constitution. Lets see if he would dare to try. He will be last PM of the country

Wanta prime minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed kaleessa dubbatan keessaa, tasa warri sin jala bahe yoo jiraate jechumaafi.

ይሄ ግለሰብ ህልሙም ቅዥቱም ንጉሥ ለመሆን ነው የምንለው በምክንያት ነው

#Abiy must go !!

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ADWUI walitti baqee paartii ‘የኢትዮጵያ የብልጽግና ፓርቲ’ jedhu uumachuufi. Dhaabboliin walitti baqan achi booda naannolee walitti baqsina akka hin jenne. Adeemsi ifatti gara sirna duriitti deebi’uu fakkaata.