Why only አምባሳደር ዲና ሙፍቲ Eritrean Press ?

Why only አምባሳደር ዲና ሙፍቲ Eritrean Press ?
Let us move on
– Surprisingly, the most unlikely ally to Eritreans stood by Eritrea.
31 Mar 2021 – (EP) After unsatisfactory and lame excuses on Ethiopian TV, the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Dina Mufti has now apologised on his FB account to Eritreans (pictured) about his yesterday remarks.
We say here on EP, let’s move on now.
Let no one spoil our hard-fought battle to bring lasting relations between the two sisterly countries.
We may find in the future officials from both countries making irresponsible comments or remarks. As long as they apologise, we have to move on and see the bigger pictures.
Yesterday, EP held back posting our disappointment regarding the ‘Muftigate’ issue on our FB Page on the hope that the official would apologise immediately. Instead of escalating the problem, we resorted to posting our delight about the Ethiopia National Football Team success on qualifying the African Nations of Cup 2021.
This morning, Dina Mufti tried to give disappointing excuses to his blunder on Ethiopian TV by blaming others for “twisting” his remark. We were not impressed and Eritreans, including EP, vilified Dina Mufti on Social Media.
Then, in the afternoon, he posted his “humble apology” on his Facebook personal account. We hope that the pressure for him to apologise came from his bosses instead of the huge outcries against him by Eritreans and Ethiopians.
Even the unlikeliest ally, the

U.S. Embassy Asmara Eritrea chipped in to Muftigate today in support of Eritreans and wrote, “Eritreans are very proud of their hard-won struggle for independence, and May 24 is one of the most celebrated and highly respected of the country’s national holidays.

Is there a hidden agenda from Addis Ababa government while Eritreans are paying price to keep the unity of Ethiopia?
31 Mar 2021 – (EP) Yesterday, Eritreans all over the world were shocked by the remarks of Ethiopian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Dina Mufti.
He said, “Eritreans regret independence and do not celebrate their Independence Day”. Word for word in Amharic, “ምናልባት ሰው አይጠይቅም እንጂ እያንዳንዱ ኤርትራዊ ቢጠየቅ ከኢትዮጵያ ጋር የተለዩበትን ቀን አያከብሩትም፣ አይወዱትም።”
EP responded immediately on its Twitter and we wrote: What the likes of Debretsion, Getachew Assefa & the rest of TPLF Juntas could not achieve, this Pinocchio (pictured) single handily might manage to be successful to create friction between Eritreans and Ethiopians. @AbiyAhmedAli government MUST denounce it.
We waited for 24 hours….
Today, Dina Mufti came on the Ethiopian TV and side stepped the Independence Day remarks confidently and blamed others for twisting his speech. No apology or regret from him.
Who’s backing him up???
If the Addis government do not denounce the spokesperson remark, then, we can assume that Dina Mufti indeed is expressing his government opinion.
In that case….
It is more likely that yesterday’s EP post will be the last about Ethiopia unless the government of Eritrea and its people receive the right apology from Addis.
EP: በአይናችን ብሌን አትምጡብን። ኤርትራውያንን ማሸነፍ የሚቻለው በፍቅር እና በእምነት ብቻ ነው።