Why is the Oromo Protests spear heading the Abiy Must Go ..

Why is the #OromoProtests spearheading the #AbiyMustGo /#AbiyMustBeRemoved campaign?

Here are some 5 major profiling of #AbiyAhmed based on his observed daily behaviors as the leader of the county, and my addition to the bucket list:
1) Abiy is a CHEATER(#OromoProtests)-Abiy cheated the Oromo people and the Ethiopian public out of their revolution and hopes of transitioning the country to a democratic system. Abiy is a fraudster who deceived the Ethiopian people into serving as a bridge of transitioning the country to the much anticipated Democratic Multiethnic Federal System while he was busy drafting a manifesto of centralized unitary and Neftenga Gabbar system as a means to override even the existing federal system, and keep himself at the helm of power indefinitely.

2) Abiy is a TRAITOR (#OromoProtests)-Abiy is a traitor who betrayed the Oromo people’s trust and its cause, and vowed to destroy Oromummaa and break the Oromo people beyond repair for thousand years.

3) Abiy is a KILLER (#OromoProtests)- To consolidate his absolute power through coercion, Abiy Ahmed recruited, trained, and deployed the Oromia Special Force aka Janjaweed Militia in Oromia Region. The Janjaweed Militia operates under the command of Abiy Ahmed. Abiy deployed this specially trained Janjaweed militia in Oromia to detain, torture, massacre innocent citizens, and destroy their properties by setting their homes and farms ablaze.

4) Abiy is a DICTATOR (#OromoProtests#TigrayProtests#SNNPProtests)-Abiy poised himself as the 7th King with absolute power over Ethiopia. He has formed a neftegna system infused Prosperity Party that got him some buy-in from the sympathizers of the old imperial system that tried hard and miserably failed to form a #OnePeople#OneLanguage#OneReligion nation. Now, Abiy emerged a #Dictator, and his government marked #Dictatorship. Abiy Ahmed, under the shadow of his prosperity party stands out as the ultimate power holder to do whatever he wants in Ethiopia. Through his direct command, Ethiotelecom, the country’s only internet service provider shutdown the internet for a month, he instrumentalized the legal system for silencing strong opposition political parties’ leaders through imprisonment & house arrest, jailed over 10,000 of their supports, arrested journalists and activists who became voice for the voiceless public, and extrajudicially killed hundreds of peaceful protestors in Oromia region following the assassination of the prominent Oromo Singer #HacaaluuHundeessa.

Abiy orchestrates a military junta composed of Ethiopian and Eritrean armed forces and threatens to strip off the Tigray Regional State of its constitutionally mandated obligation of conducting the regional election, and the Tigray people of its constitutionally granted political rights of electing their leaders. Abiy is also suppressing the constitutionally granted rights of the Wolayta People, Gurage People, Siltie People, and Peoples of the South Omo Zone in the SNNPR to hold referendum and facilitate for their people to vote on becoming the Regional States in their own rights.

5) Abiy is a GAMBLER (@Awol Kassim Allo)- “Abiy Ahmed is a gambler. He takes risks. Some of his past gambles were good and had paid off but his latest gamble risks plunging the country into its depths. He might see this crisis as an opportunity to further consolidate power by eliminating his adversaries and muzzling critical voices.”

The 6th point is my addition to the list, and I will explain it deeply in my next post.

6) Abiy is an EVIL Ruler ( 7th King, as he prefers to call himself) of today’s Ethiopia.

He comes on smooth, cool and kind,
But he wants your body not your mind.
He’s got style, personality,
But he’s the devil in reality…
-He’s Evil Song by The Kinks
To be continued…

Via: Kebede Ch Mammo

Kan jaalanne dhabne, gatii gaddaa baafne;
imimmaan xuruurree, gadda cimaa seenne;
Boonyee mankaraarree, jabinaan obbaafne.

Hacee, Nagaan Boqodhu!

Yaadannoo: 29: 07: 2020

Urgent Appeal: END House Arrest Immediately