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Why is Jubaland election important for East Africa?

East Africa

Why is Jubaland election important for East Africa?

Kenya, Ethiopia among countries jostling for influence over Somali region.

Why is Jubaland election so important for east Africa? | Inside Story

A small region in Somalia is at the centre of a growing power struggle in East Africa.

The autonomous federal state of Jubaland is fertile and rich in resources, but has been unstable for decades.

Last month, 26 people died when the al-Shabab armed group attacked a hotel in the main city, Kismayo.

Jubaland borders Kenya, which has troops there to fight al-Shabab.

Meanwhile, Somalia wants more control over Jubaland.

All eyes are on Thursday’s election for a regional president.

What are the poll’s implications for security and stability in the Horn of Africa?

Source: Al Jazeera News

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