Why does the Ethiopian army stand by – even aid – foreign troops who rape and kill on Ethiopian soil?

Why does the Ethiopian army stand by – even aid – foreign troops who rape and kill on Ethiopian soil?

The war in Tigray is astonishing. The Ethiopian armed forces are doing nothing as Eritrean – and Somali – troops storm across the country. Rather, the Ethiopian military is collaborating with these foreign forces.

  • Eritreans are accused of rape, murder and looting.
  • Eritrean troops are said to have claimed territory deep inside Ethiopia.
  • The Eritrean flag is reported to have been raised on Ethiopian soil.
  • And there are reports of Ethiopians being told they must get Eritrean identity documents.

Yet the Ethiopian military stand by and do doing nothing.

Ethiopian military says this is “painful”

A month ago a senior Ethiopian officer described this as as “painful”.

In a speech that lasted for more than 20 minutes and delivered as part of response to questions raised by the residents of Mekelle, the capital of Tigray regional state, Major General Belay Seyoum Commander of the Northern Command, said the the army knows “the problems being raised” with regard to Eritreans forces in Tigray and “it’s painful.”

Maj. Gen. Belay’s speech followed a short comment from a man who said that the interim administration must understand its main challenge would be to facilitate a smooth relation between the region and the federal government until such times that the people elected their representatives.

He also said that challenges were ahead for the interim administration with regard to healing the damaged psychological spirit of the people of Tigray.

Addressing his comments to Maj. Gen. Belay, the man says that “Ethiopia is a sovereign country that no one should violate.” Maj. Gen. Belay’s speech came in reply, at a meeting held in the town hall on 27th December 2020.

No-one denies these remarks, yet men like Maj. Gen. Belay collaborate with the Eritrean and Somali forces.

Source: Eritreahub