Who is Yaasoo Kabbabaa Hordofaa??

#Who is Yaasoo Kabbabaa Hordofaa??

1. Yaasoo was a history instructor at Wollo Kombolcha University until 2013.
2. Yaasoo has been one of the founders and executive Committee of the Oromo Writers’ Association since its inception and was the secretary until he left for Egypt to save his life.
3. Yaasoo was the leader of the #Qeerroo movement of 2015 until he left the country after giving an interview on Dutch television following the #Irreechaa Massacree 2016.
4. Yaasoo is a well-known Oromo poet and writer who has also published more than six books in Afaan Oromo and Amharic
6. Yaasoo was director of ONN TV after the legalization of ONN in Finfinne/ Addis Ababa.
7.Yaasoo is one of the most talented and gifted Oromo nationalists who has sacrificed a lot for the cause of Oromo freedom from childhood to this day.
8. Yaasoo also worked for a while as a freelance journalist at # OBS TV and was known to have written the story of #AbunePetros aka Magarsaa Badhaasaa, the Oromo-Ethiopian patriot who was the victim of Italian brutality for having denounced the Italian colony and he presented it on #OBS TV in 2015 for the first time.
9. Yaasoo is a member of OLF and one of OLF council assembly’s leaders.
10. Yaasoo was jailed for his political stance and they investigated his previous leadership of the #Qeerroo movement and forcing him to be member of the newly formed party- EPP as internal witness reveale.
11. From 2016 to 2018, Yaasoo was in exile – Egypt and was one of the refugees under UNHCR who sought protection for his life.