Who is the Terrorist in Ethiopia ? Who is behind the killings of innocent civilians?

Who is the Terrorist in Ethiopia ? Who is behind the killings of innocent civilians?

Isheen kunni komishinarra dhimmaa baqaattoota(Refuges)UNO’tti Officer olaanadha.
Ragaan Milishaan Amharaa Tigiraay fixuun ni jira jette,
Kana hafe dubbiffadha….Faranjinni Ethiopia keessa deema olitte ስግብግብ ጁንታ’f dubbatti jennurre “failed diplomacy”

Naol Nafyad

The world needs to stop war crimes in Ethiopia

Atrocities are mounting in Tigray. Outsiders should press both parties to talk

(economist)–First, the police and militia shut the roads out of Mai Kadra, a farming town in Ethiopia’s northern province of Tigray. Then they went from door to door, checking id cards and singling out non-Tigrayans. They destroyed sim cards to stop people phoning for help. Then, on November 9th, members of a Tigrayan youth group stabbed, hacked, burned and strangled hundreds of Amhara men, according to the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (ehrc). When federal government troops entered the town the next morning at least 600 people were dead, says the ehrc.

Because of an internet and telephone blackout, as well as restrictions on journalists and ngos, it is hard to be sure exactly what happened. But there is no doubt that a massacre occurred. Amnesty International has videos of bodies strewn across the town. And it seems likely that it was committed by forces allied to the Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (tplf), the ruling party in Tigray. It is also beyond doubt that federal government forces or their allied ethnic militias have also committed atrocities in the same area. Tigrayans who have fled across the border to Sudan tell of attacks on civilians by Amhara militiamen and government soldiers. The government says undercover tplf agents are sowing disinformation.

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  1. Amharas will be punished both by Oromos and Tigrians soon for thier own atrocities committed against civilians!!!

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