Who is Racist!Leaders of world organizations ..

Who is Racist! Leaders of world organizations are citizens of the world

By: Najat Hamza

Who is Racist!

Traumatic amnesia is forgetting who caused you harm, why you were targeted & why you are fighting to be free! Your opposer cannot be your savior, your champion or your hero. Compassion is for those who validate your humanity & fight to restore your dignity. A misplaced compassion to your tormentor is an affirmation that your harm is valid.

I grew up here in the West, I know the many ugly faces of racism, it’s implications and how toxic it is. Racism kills. However, racism cannot be used by those who chose a group (Oromo) and others by their identity and inflicted harm in for 27 years as a defense. What was that called? Wasn’t it racism when you targeted us, our affiliations, a way of life, our resources? What that inclusiveness? What was uprooting over 2.3 million people from their land and leaving them on the streets without no end insight?

What about arbitrary arrests, torture, death, disappearances and dismantling of families and communities because of who they are, an Oromo? Was not a racism? Or does it only apply when it is between white and black? What about letting people die of Cholera outbreaks to shield your conjectured up image as TPLF? Are we to make you the champion who stood up against racism all of the sudden?

The last 30 years in Ethiopia was led by those who perfected the science of racism down to its fine details. There is no different kind of racism, racism is racism no matter who carries it out.

Racism is…”prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior”

“Leaders of world organizations (like UN, WHO , etc) are citizens of the world. They do not belong to a specific country or continent. Tewdros must stop spreading false accusations (of attacks leveled against him for being African or the color of his skin).The consequences of Tewdros’ basic competence and leadership failures in leading the WHO are not difficult to discern.”

Raasoo Dibaabaa