Who is leading the country? Abiy Ahmad in trouble??

Ethiopia Prime Minister Abiy Ahmad in trouble

See what we are up against?
What this tweet is about is:
1. Blackness is essentially defined by your being colonized. If you aren’t colonized (not true for Ethiopia), then you will have the moral authority to say “we aren’t black”. Do you See how being back is equated with being colonized?
2. See how he is myopically reducing blackness to a mere color.
Such is pro-Abiy Ahmed’s approach to race understanding.

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  1. The very purpose of AGOA is to help poor nations of Sub Saharan Africa through trade by enabling them build free market economy.more than 28% of the total export of the sector, Textile and apparel export, is destined to US. Actually, very recent
    figures of export by destination shows Turkey is leading in importing Ethiopian yarn
    Many are estimating more than 100,000 people will loose job , and manifold companies will go bancrupt and leave the country.

    U.S is the top donor country providing assistance to Ethiopia‐totaled $900
    million in 2009.U.S. takes a key position in the export of the Ethiopian textile and apparel products. For example if we
    take the case in the year 2008, Ethiopia exported textile and apparel products to more than 27 countries throughout the world. U.S. takes a key position in the export of the Ethiopian textile and apparel products.

    In a statement issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “removing the preferential agreement will affect the livelihoods of more than 200,000 low income families.

    Eritrea has did countless favors to Ethiopia , and expulsion of Ethiopia from AGOA , could be the best example and its impact could be seen among families who gladly express themselves as the supporters of prosperity party.

    Among 200,000 low income families, at least 80,0000 could be fans of Prosperity party and mostly livng in the socalled amhara region, estimated by some scholars.

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