Who is Leading-I mean Misleading- Ethiopia’s Democratic Transition?

Who is Leading-I mean Misleading- Ethiopia’s Democratic Transition? 

OBN Onk 4,2013- Pireezdaantiin Ertiriyaa Isaayyaas Afawarqii, Paarkii Inxooxxoo torban kana kan eebbifame daawwachaa jiru.

PIreezdaantichi paarkii Inxooxxoo tibba kana eebbifamee piroojektichi osoo hin eegaliin dura, erga ijaarsiisaa eegalee fi daawwanaa xumuraa paarkichaa dabalatee yeroo 3ffaaf daawwataniiru.
Ijaarsii paarkii Inxooxxoo waggaa tokkoof kan ture yoo ta’u, Fulbaana 30 bara 2013 Ministira Muummee Dr Abiyyi Ahimadiin eebbifamee uummataaf banaa ta’uun isaa ni yaadatama.
Akka gabaasa EBCtti hoggantonni lameen guyyoota lamaan darbaniitti piroojektii humna elektiriikaa Kooyishaa fi hidha haroomsa guddicha dabalatee hojiiwwan misoomaa garaagaraa daawwataniiru.

What does the former US Assistant Secretary of State Herman Cohen, who is closely following the situation in the Horn of Africa Knows?
Cohen was previously an ally of the TPLF but in recent years he turns his back against the TPLF rule.
Herman Cohen twitted today, “The visit of the Eritrean president to Ethiopia sends a strong message to the Tigray regime not to even consider using military force to resist the Ethiopian central government led by Abiy Ahmed.”
The old man knows something that is hidden from us, but his statement looks like he is warning the TPLF not to oppose Abiy Ahmed’s plan, especially that the Tigray regime does not use military force to resist Abiy. It can also be seen that Ethiopia and Eritrea are united in overcoming the challenge of the TPLF once and for all.
Cohen’s statement reinforces the TPLF’s concern that Abiy and Isaias are hostile and united against them and they are doing everything at their disposal to eliminate the TPLF regime by hook and crook.
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Oh!! His Excellency #Isaias Afwerki is the #Ethiopia‘s spiritual leader and its highest decision making authority – he (Isais) has the final say over all #Abiy‘s administration matters both internal and foreign policy in the country.ADDA BILISSUMMAA OROMOO

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