Who Is Jeopardising The Unity of Ethiopia by Terrorising Peaceful Oromo Nation?

Who Is Jeopardising The Unity of Ethiopia by Terrorising Peaceful Oromo Nation?

August 02, 2020

A Question by Mr. Denboba Natie, Edinburgh, Scotland

Since the demise of the EPRDF’s regime – early 2018 due to 4 years fearless Oromo revolution (end-2014-early 2018) led by Qeerroo primarily and by the other nation’s freedom campaigners in general; ‘Team Lama’ appeared as a favourite candidate to lead the transition of the country from authoritarian to genuine democracy, equality and rule of law in multi-ethnic- but unitarily stitched together Ethiopia. Sadly the trusted undertakers facilitated the reincarnation of Royalty in the form of exclusive prosperity party or prosperity party (EPP/PP) for PM’s and his unionist advisers’ sole benefit. The Oromo nation that has sacrificed precious lives of over 5,800 (b/n 2014 and 2017), in addition to the thousands of executed civilians in various regions to facilitate the downfall of the brutal regime- is left in a state of utter dejection.

The hope and jubilation of the mass following the acknowledgement of the newly installed PM (Abiy Ahmed) about his regime’s being state terrorist since 1992 soon evaporated. His vehement rejection of his regime’s brutal system and solemn vow to change it for the good of stakeholders only short lived. During his April 02, 2018 inauguration speech, he has on behalf of Team Lama promised not to repeat the past by fully accepting responsibilities for the crimes against humanity that has been committed during the EPRDF’s 27 years tenure (in which Team Lama was part of). Paradoxically, soon he has become formidable enemy of humanity (worse than his predecessors) in Ethiopia as he embarks on a full scale state terrorism in Oromia primarily and in Sidama and in other parts of the empire employing iron feast rule.

For the last 20 months in particular, Oromia became a war zone where Oromo civilians are increasingly terrorised in their own villages by the regime’s security. The houses and farm fields of Oromo peasants in the vast Oromia’s national state are increasingly targeted and burned down to ashes to deny them their tie with their land, the only guarantee they have for their survival. This is genocide by dentition. Nothing less!

After blacking out of an internet and shutting down Oromia independent Medias including Oromia Media Network (OMN); the regime has unlawfully incarcerated its managers and journalists. This has unfolded after the PM’s agents masterminded and stage managed assassination of the Oromo’s poet, singer, song writer and human rights defender, Hacaaluu Hundessa on June 29, 2020. To date, the demonising campaign against the Oromo nation is intensifying both within the country and among Diaspora’s unionist owned Medias working 24/7.

The current anti-Oromo campaign is multifaceted similar with the Rewanda’s Tutsi genocide committed by Hutu. Then Hutu ethnic group led by the Rewanda’s President Juvenal Habyarimana (similar to Abiy Ahmed) and his advisers exaggerated the risk of the other posing to their ethnic group in hopes of increasing support for themselves. ‘As one Rwandan put it, “With ……, the politicians began to beat the drum; The drum was both a usual signal of attack and the instrument used to keep all the dancers moving to the same rhythm’’ – mass execution of Tutsi. We can draw parallel with the PM and his adviser acts towards the Oromo primarily and the rest nations demanding their rights to self-rule.

To assist him with his delusional and narcissist claims of becoming the 7th king of the Empire, the PM has gathered the remnants of the previous successive brutal Ethiopian regimes to give him mentoring trainings that enable him to crush ethnic federalism in Ethiopia with the grand objective of replacing it with geographical federation. PM’s machineries using government owned Medias are increasingly waging war on Oromo nation by inviting vocal unionist groups such as TPLF’s captive- coward Derg’s General ‘Kassaye Chemeda’ who has publicly advised the government to shoot and kill all Oromo who don’t abide with his rule to save Ethiopia. Both the advisers of the current PM and the political program of his EPRDF’s reincarnate ‘PP’ prioritise the abolishment of ethnic federalism in Ethiopia to replace it with ‘Neftegna’ (Abyssinian) monarch established system- always seen as brutal feudal systems known for dehumanising the subjugated subjects until this has been overthrown in early 1974 by the popular struggle that saw off emperor Hailesilassie’s regime.

Furthermore, the PM and his advisers are ignoring the current constitution as they enforce their rule; and erroneously think they have consolidated their seats after ensuring their political adversaries are put behind the bars following their meticulously planned assassination of Hacaaluu Hundessa. Therefore, their grand objective is breaking the spirit of the Oromo nation thereby control the entire subjugated nations of the political south with minimum effort. By doing so, inadvertently they are proving they are backward thinkers with 19th century mentality in the 21st century where the nation’s aspirations for self-rule are unshakable and moved beyond their imagination. As they yearn for their nostalgic hegemony, the incumbent and his unionist advisers erroneously assert they can continue enforcing their rule over the oppressed majority.

However, they hardly assert the reality on the ground and erroneously rationalise that the empire they yearn to keep it stitched together remains the same. They fail to assert that the subjects never remain subservient slaves in the face of state-terrorism in Oromia and in the wider political south and Tigray national state. Their obdurate mind hardly accepts the fact that as delusional Psychopath PM and his unionist superstitious advisers’ push forward to remaining on power with iron feast; the resolve of the Oromo and the rest nations in Ethiopia becomes focussed on freeing themselves from such a system!

Finally, we would like to make it clear that the Oromo nation is subjected to a state-terrorism in Ethiopian since mid-2018. The need for the rest of the subjugated nations and peoples in Ethiopia to join the Oromo’s national struggle for genuine equality is becoming an urgent demand. The international community must join us in condemning the criminal acts of the regime in power. The war waged on Oromo is not a war waged only on Oromo nation; but it is rather on all nations who believe in equality in federated Ethiopia. To date, the regime is waging war on Oromo and puts the blame on the nation for doing so using government owned and internationally mushrooming unionist Medias.

These groups are hell bent on remaining on power by silencing first Oromo and then the entire nations in Ethiopia. Breaking the backbone of the Oromo’s national movement for genuine self-rule is their first goal. The Oromo is a huge nation and the same is the case with its economic importance. Secondly, if this huge nation (nearly 50% of the entire population with nearly 50% landmass of the empire) is dealt with, enslaving of all smaller nations whose aspirations are genuine federalism in Ethiopia will be an easy ride. This why the PM and his unionist cliques are waging war on Oromo nation that impacts all nations in Ethiopia with possibility of disintegrating of the empire. We must unite and fight together.

Therefore, the PM and his unionist advisers are responsible for unfolding tragedies in Oromia that must be unconditionally stopped, condemned and deplored by all mankind. The PM who has masterminded Hacaaluu’s assassination, the imprisonment of the Oromo’s high profile politicians and the coordination of ongoing genocide and massacre in Oromia must be brought to justice.

He must Step down Urgently! There won’t be justice and fairness as long the regime masterminds the tragic genocide in Oromia is in power. Additionally, they are solely responsible for preparing the empire for a possible disintegration. We urge the PM and his unionist government to unconditionally Stop state-terrorism and Genocide in Oromia; free all the political prisoners in Oromia, Sidama and elsewhere and allow urgent transitional all-inclusive arrangement to take place to save the empire from likelihood of and inevitable disintegration!

We Stand with The Oromo Nation And Continue With Our Fight For Justice, Genuine Federalism And Equality In Ethiopia In Unison.

Denboba Natie, Edinburgh, Scotland.

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