Who is Jal Abdi Ragasa?

Who is Jal Abdi Ragasa?
Abdi Ragasa was born in west Shoa zone Dire Incinni in 1969
The name of their generation was Taklu, after when they were in struggle they named Abdi. Primary education at Dire Incinni school, secondary school in Ambo. After completing secondary school, they went to police college in Sandafa to learn ‘entalajans’ or gun education.
During the government of Dergi, they have been working as foreign minister for one year. At the time they started studying political science through the program of Al-idle education in Finfine University. If they were working as the government of Derg, they would have been working with the Oromo Liberation Front, including building people.
After the failure of Dergin government in 1991 they were serving as the representative of ABO until ABO is out of charter.
‘Southern zone means Abdi Ragasa’ in 1992 ABO was moving from the charter of Oromo Liberation Army in western zone Wollega and east zone Hararge. Following ABO being out of the charter, TPLF soldiers started hunting OLF leaders and leaders in these two zones. Some of the leaders of the party were killed, while some were arrested, some were migrated to their neighboring countries.
Mr. Abdi Ragasa left his country in 1993 and went to Nairobi. After ABO is out of charter, the place where ABO soldiers are in the south zone of Borena land called Sololo. Abdi Ragasa is the one who played a great role in stopping the south zone. The person who was the leader of ABO Negelle Borena in 1993 is the first person called Mulugeta Bekele Hirpha. This man was sacrificed at that time. After that Abdi Ragasa, Olqaba Lata and others have started training in the south zone.
“This army has no weapon, what to eat or wear is the leader who made this army live Jal Abdi.
Borena Oromo living around the border of Ethiopia and Kenya hope is someone who is known and loved by heroism.
In 1998, ABO was elected as a member of the people’s gum. From 1998 to 2004 they were members of the Southern Zone. Shane Gumi was elected as member of Shane Gum in the third national committee of Eritrea in Asmara in 2004 In 2005, they were working as commander of Oromo Liberation Army since 2018 In 1999, when they were in the struggle field of the south zone, they were suffering from lung disease and they reached the level of death.
Even when we couldn’t afford to buy white garlic for medicine, the traditional medicine called Awacho said that they are better than their struggle that day. Then they went to France for a few months before returning back to home in 2018 to recover from that disease. Their family is still there in France.
They told us that their struggle has been together for many years, “Hope is like his name” said “In the name of the fighters, the one who is loved by other leaders, the one who fights like the leader of the army, the one who works not only by commanding but also by working. “It’s what makes it” they say. The Ethiopian government has been looking for the leaders of ABO since the past is Abdi Ragasa. “He has been trying to detain many times through Ethiopian Embassy in Nairobi” said.
Comrade Abdi Ragasa has been released from prison for 1 year today 20/12/2019.

Via: Boonsaa Ahmad