Which way for Ethiopia? Abiy cracks down on regional revolts ahead of elections

Which way for Ethiopia? Abiy cracks down on regional revolts ahead of elections

ሰበር ዜና | ልዩ መረጃ | Ethiopia News | Today May 3, 2021

Dubbii Jajjabduun Dhufaa Jirti

HD ABO Maalirra Jiru? | KELLO MEDIA (Caamsaa 3,2021)

This is an American Healthcare worker who learned to perfectly speak Afaan Oromo in less than a year in Jimma, Oromia, and served our community with distinction and honor. Compare this with the Amharic speaking settlers who lived on the Oromo land for more than 100 years, and yet do not know a single word of Oromo language let alone speak our language. It is not that ethnic Amhara are either racist or stupid per se. But, the Ethiopian government Amhara supremacist and racist policies meant to creat an Amharic speaking Ethiopia made ethnic Amharas to see the Oromo people and Oromo Language as the enemy.
They are settled among the Oromo people to create an Amhara country on the Oromo land, not to live with the Oromo people. This is an ongoing policy of the racist regime. Just yesterday, Abiy Ahmed gathered his ethnic Amhara supremacist and racists ministers, what he calls his kitchen cabinets, and declared the Tigrayan and Oromo people as “terrorist.” It is literally ethnic Amhara supremacist and racist government sitting in Addis Ababa, and declaring the Oromo people and the people of Tigray as “terrorist!” This is a tragedy. It is very unlikely Ethiopia will continue as a country under this Amhara supremacist and racist regime, making the future of Ethiopia very uncertain. Thank you BBC Afaan Oromo for producing this inspiring and educational video!
Source: BBC Afaan Oromo

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