Where there is a will there is a way..40ft container full of medical ..

Where there is a will there is a way….

40ft container full of medical supplies and equipments from Decatur, Georgia arrived at Naaqamtee Hospital in Ethiopia yesterday and it was recieved by City, hospital Administration and the community.
This is 2nd container shipment to Oromia region of Ethiopia from MedShare IN Decatur and MedShare Western Region . Thanking the medshare team in Decatur who helped to make this a reality for our community back home.

A group of dedicated individuals from Naaqamtee and surrounding cities who live outside of Oromia accomplished a great task yesterday.

“Heartiest congratulations to all involved in this great project! Thank you for showing us our potential to accomplish much greater projects. From the start to end, you showed great teamwork! Galatoomaa hundu!”
From the organizer.

Kudos to everyone who got involved in this noble cause in so many ways…donating money and logistics.
Jigsa thank you for your leadership and determination to make this a reality.

Galatooma hundinuu!!
Photo credit Anushe Kinfe Senbeta.