What’s Happening in Ethiopia Is a Tragedy

 What’s Happening in Ethiopia Is a Tragedy

Much of the blame must be laid at the door of the prime minister.


Militia fighters from Ethiopia’s Amhara region in Tigray, earlier this month. The country stands on the cusp of civil war.

ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia — (nytimes)—The announcement last week that the government was about to launch a military operation into one of the country’s regions came, to put it lightly, as a shock.

Not only was it very far from the emollient statecraft that won Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed the Nobel Peace Prize last year, it also seemed to shatter the purpose of his premiership. When he rose to power in 2018, Mr. Abiy promised to guide Ethiopia into a new era of peace, prosperity and national reconciliation.

But on Nov. 4, he dispatched the Army to Tigray, one of the country’s 10 semiautonomous regions and home to roughly 6 percent of the population, accusing its leaders — with whom he has increasingly sparred — of attacking a government defense post and attempting to steal military equipment.

And in the days since, Mr. Abiy imposed a six-month state of emergency on the Tigray region, declared its legislature void and approved a provisional replacement. As fighting raged, the internet and telephone networks have been shut down. Hundreds are reported to be dead.

This is a tragedy. Ethiopia stands on the cusp of civil war, bringing devastation to both the country and the wider region. While the situation is volatile and uncertain, this much is clear: Mr. Abiy’s political project, to bring together the nation in a process of democratization, is over. And much of the blame must be laid at his door.

After years of persistent anti-government protests, economic troubles and widespread unrest, Mr. Abiy took over a country on the brink of collapse. At least one million people were internally displaced in 2017, according to the United Nations, as the country was shaken by protests from Oromo and Amhara ethnic groups, who together make up nearly two-thirds of the population. Presenting himself as a reformer, the avalanche of changes promised by Mr. Abiy, who took over in April 2018, seemed to avert the worst of the country’s problems.

But Mr. Abiy overreached. His first cardinal mistake was to sideline the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, for decades the most powerful political force in the country, in the peace he brokered between Ethiopia and Eritrea. By pushing the Tigrayan leadership aside as he sealed his signature achievement, Mr. Abiy made clear the limits to his talk of unity.

That was a taste of what was to come. Last year, Mr. Abiy moved to dismantle the old political order. Going beyond his original remit, he proposed reconfiguring the coalition that had ruled the country for 27 years — the Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Front, or E.P.R.D.F., which itself comprised a gamut of regional parties — into a new, single party.

The T.P.L.F., which founded and dominated the coalition, was not keen on the change — but Mr. Abiy went ahead with it regardless, creating a rift with the Tigrayans and undermining the country’s delicate political settlement. Far from minimizing the fallout, Mr. Abiy exacerbated it, removing all ministers from the T.P.L.F. from his cabinet.

By the time the new party was announced, in November 2019, the damage was done. The T.P.L.F., angered by the whittling away of its power and concerned that the country’s federal system was under threat, had not joined. They weren’t alone in their disquiet. In Mr. Abiy’s own region, Oromia, many were skeptical of the new order, while southern Ethiopia splintered into disorder, as multiple administrative zones demanded self-rule. After coming to power on the promise of unity, Mr. Abiy had alienated and frustrated key components of his coalition. Suddenly, he looked vulnerable.

The coronavirus changed the calculus. The all-important national election, scheduled for August, was postponed; the focus became how to mitigate the damage wrought by the pandemic. But the political problems didn’t go away.

In the summer, the killing of a popular Oromo musician — whose perpetrators the government claims were acting under the orders of an armed opposition group, the Oromo Liberation Army, and the T.P.L.F. — set off widespread violence against minorities in Oromia and police killings of protesters, in which at least 166 people died. It also led to a major crackdown against opposition political leaders, including Mr. Abiy’s former ally and now fierce critic, Jawar Mohammed.

Then in September, the Tigray region went ahead with its elections, in defiance of the government’s orders. Since that act of subversion, tensions between the government and the leaders in Tigray, simmering for two years, have been high. Last week, they spilled out into open conflict.

Whether or not it escalates into a civil war, it will leave an indelible mark on Ethiopian politics. What was already a deeply polarized country will become more divided still. But most importantly, it could crush the hopes of a democratic transition. Free speech, civil liberties and due process may fall afoul of the turn to militarism and repression.

In Tigray, the possibility of civilian casualties, indiscriminate attacks and protracted conflict could further deepen grievances; in a region with a long history of resistance to the central state, that might lead to an insurgency. The consequences for the wider region, if the conflict were to spill out to Eritrea, Sudan and Djibouti, could be severe.

Judging by Mr. Abiy’s moves over the past week, not least the replacement of the foreign minister and the leaders of the entire security sector with trusted loyalists, he is not inclined to de-escalate. The leader who once committed “to toil for peace every single day and in all seasons” has been acting more like a commander in chief than a prime minister.

Mr. Abiy has come a long way. War, he memorably said as he accepted the Nobel Peace Prize, was “the epitome of hell.” Now he looks ready to meet it.

Tsedale Lemma (@TsedaleLemma) is the editor in chief of the Addis Standard.

Maqaa shaanetin daldaalun has dhabatu ilman dirqidhan mana basani bombi harkati kanaani iddoo akanati darbaa jaani dirqisisuu hadhaabatu

Guyyoota sadii darban qofaa keessatti miseensonni Humna Addaa Oromiyaa 319 hidhata guutuu akka hidhatanitti gaachanaa fi abdii sabasaanii WBOtti makamuunsaanii beekameera.
Warreen torbee darbe keessa makamani 123 dabalatee miseensota hara gamana as cehan 452 fii leenjiin haaromsaa akka barbaachisa ta’etti hanga torbee lamaa kan ta’u akka kennamuufi hubatameera.
Akka karoora mootummaan qabuutti yoo ta’e waraanni hammaatee fi dheeratee yoo jedhe qeerroo Oromoo dirqiidhaan qabanii leenjii fi lolatti erguu yaadaatii jiru. Kuni kan raawwatu yoo ta’e qeerroon Oromoo lakkoofsa hammana hin jedhamneen gara WBO tti akka makaman ni eegama.

This guy is the new Chinese Ambassador to the Naftenga made empire of Ethiopia.
Naftenga/Neonaftenga medias claim he said ‘ Ethiopia’s military campaign in Tigrai is internal affair’. In other words, he is saying the Europeans and Americans should not put pressure the regime. They are not putting any pressure on the regime anyway because they believe evil lunatic Abiy is their guy, at least until now.
Of course the Chinese would say that. China has four provinces fighting for their self-determination rights: East Turkistan, Taiwan, Tibet and Honk-Kong. In fact China is building up its military to invade Taiwan. The Chinese see Taiwan when they hear about Tigrai. Obviously, China is huge compared to Taiwan, Tigrai has comparably strength (at least military) compared to the weak and evil Naftenga empire of Ethiopia.
China also has its own philosophy that is against democracy, human rights and freedom. It is pursuing such philosophy to spread across the world.
And don’t be surprised if the regime starts to import military hardware from China in few weeks.
ሰበር ዜና
አስራ አምስት ሺ የኢትዮጵያ ወታደራዊ ደንብ ልብስ በካርጎ ወደ ኤርትራ ተጫነ
የማለዳ ሚዲያ ምንጮች እንደገለፁት በኤርትራ በኩል ወደ ትግራይ ለሚገቡ የኤርትራ ወታደሮች የሚሆን 15 ሺ የኢትዮጵያ ወታደሮች የደንብ ልብስ ወደ አስመራ በካርጎ ተጭኗል።
ጀነራል ባጫ ደበሌም ወደ ኤርትራ ተጉዞ የማጥቂያ ስልት ላይ መክሯል።
ጅነራል ባጫ ደበሌ በትላንቱ መግለጫው “የሰሜን ዕዝ አባላት ወደ ትግራይ ቦርደር አፈግፍገው መልሰው ለማጥቃት ተዘጋጅተዋል” ያለው ከኤርትራ ለሚገባው የባዕድ ጦር የፕሮፓጋንዳ ሽፋን ለመስጠት ነው።
ምንጮቻችን እንደሚሉት ኤርትራ በጦርነቱ ልትሳተፍ ዝግጅቷን ጨርሳለች።
ይህ የኤርትራ ጣልቃ ገብነት ጦርነቱን አከባቢያዊ ያደርገዋል። የአብይ መንግስት የራስን ህዝብ ከውጭ ሃገር መንግስት ጋር አብሮ የወጋበት ታሪካዊ የክህደት ጦርነት ሆኖ ይመዘገባል የሚሉ በርካቶች ናቸው።
ኢትዮዽያውያንም የኤርትራን ጣልቃ ገብነት ከመግታት አልፈው በቅርበት እንዲከታተሉ እና ለአለም አቀፉ ማህበረሰብ እንዲያሳውቁ የፖለቲካ ተንታኞች ይመክራሉ።

ማለዳ ሚዲያ

Sadaasa 10/2020
Waamicha “Hiriira Deegarsaa RIB fi Balaaleffannaa ABO Shanee fi Wayyaanee” Jechuun, Olola Afanfajjii PP’n Kamisa Dhufuuf Qopheessaa jirtu Irratti, Diinaa fi Lulkeelee Diinaatiif Akka Dibbee Hin Rukunneef Qajeelfama Hoogansi Mooraa QBO Lammiilee Oromiyaatiif Dabarse!
Waamicha PP dhaga’uun hiriirri geggeeffamu hin jiru.
Akkuma hunduu beeku murni aangoo siyaasaa biyya kanaa qabatee ture bara bulchiinsa isaa fixatee aangoo seeraan alaa humnaan itti fufsiisuuf carraaqaa jira. Uummanni Oromoo fi Lammiileen Oromiyaa baroota dheeraa hacuuccaa sirna bulchiinsa impaayera Itoophiyaa jala turan qabsoo hadhaa’aa taasisanii wareegama ulfaataa baasanii mirgi isaanii akka kabajamu falmataa jiru. Goolama siyaasaafi jeequmsa biyya kana mudate keessaa akka ba’amu filannoon biyyoolessaa eegamaa turee fedhii filannoo haqaa geggeessuu dhabuu qaama biyya bulchuun gufachuun ni yaadatama.
Rakkoon kun akka furamu ABOfi jaarmiyaaleen siyaasaa hedduun fala isaanitti mul’ate kaa’anis qaamni biyya bulchu yaada furmaataa kana hin fudhatiin hafeera. Haaluma kanaan biyyattiin gara jeequmsa hammaataatti ceete. Addi Bilisummaa Oromoo nageenya Lammiilee Oromiyaa fi biyya Oromiyaa kabachiisuuf Oromiyaatti Mootummaan Ce’umsaa Biyyoolessaa akka hundeeffamu Lammiilee Oromiyaaf waamicha dhiyeessee irratti hojjetaa jira. Qaamonni dhimmi kun ilaalu yaada kana fudhatanii jiru.
Aangoo qabachuufi aangoo tursiifachuudhaaf tibba kana lolli TPLF fi PP gidduutti geggeeffame. Kunis xiyyeeffannaa addunyaa argatee biyyattiin gara jeequmsa guddatti akka deemtu ibsee jira.
PPn kan uummanni Oromoo of keessaa tufe kun Oromiyaa keessatti hiriira waamuun “ABO/ [Shanee] fi Wayyaanee balaaleffanna” jechuun Kamisa dhufutti qopheessaa jiru. Gabaabumatti kan jechuu barnaannu:
– Rakkoo nageenyaafi jeequmsa siyaasaa biyya kanaa kan fide qaama aangoo seeraan alaa humnaan itti fufsiifachuu barbaadu PPdha.
– Rakkoo jiru hunda mariin furuun utuu danda’amuu PPn fedhii dhabuufi dheebuu aangoodhaaf jecha akka nagaan hin buuneefi mariin hin geggeeffamne taasise.
– Addi Bilisummaa Oromoo nagaan waaraa biyya kanatti akka bu’u kan hojjetu malee madda rakkoo biyya kanaa miti.
– Uummanni Oromoo fi Lammiileen Oromiyaa hiriira PPn waamtu kanarraa akka qooda hin fudhanne,
– Qaamonni nageenyaa ergama paartii tokkoo baattanii akka nageenya Lammiilee Oromiyaa hin booressine,
– Qaamni hiriira kana ba’u uummata Oromoo bakka kan hin buuneefi farra nageenya Lammiilee Oromiyaa akka ta’e akka hubatu,
– Rakkoo nageenyaa sababa hiriira kanaan wal qabatee dhufuun uummanni keenya akka hin miidhamneef guyyaa hiriira kanaa manaa akka hin baane ykn hiriira kanarraa qooda akka hin fudhanne,
– Wanti kamuu qajeelfamniifi ajandaan karaa PP dhufu uummata keenya biratti fudhatama kan hin qabne ta’uu hubachiisuu feena.
Kan dhaammannu,
Lammiileen Oromiyaa hunduu, murni hawaasaafi jaarmiyaaleen gita gitaan jirtan labsii Mootummaa Ce’umsaa Biyyoolessa Oromiyaa ABOn labse fudhachuun akka hojiirra oolmaasaaf honnettan dhaammanna. Kana booda bulchiinsi keessan nama isin of keessaa bakka buufattan, itti amantaniifi innis isin kabaju ta’a.
Gadaan Gadaa Xumura Gabrummaati!
Injifannoo Lammiilee Oromiyaaf!

Godinaa Qellam Wallaggaa fi Wallagga Lixaa aanalee fi magaalaalee tokko tokko keessatti tajaajilli bilbilaa fi interneetii addaan cituu isaatiin maatii keenya argannee dubbisuu irraa danqamne jedhan, namoonni hagi tokko. Hoogganaan Biiroo Dhimmoota Komunikeeshinii Mootummaa Naannoo Oromiyaa Obbo Geetaachoo Baalchaa ammoo “Tajaajilichi addaan cituusaa quba hin qabu,” jedhan.

የጫጉላ ሽርሽር መስሎት እየ ጨፈረ የገባው እንዲህ ሆኖ ገባላችሁ።እዝያም ቤት እሳት አል።

#OGN_Cubbuun dhiiga Qeerroo fi ummata oromoo sichi isaan keessaan iyyee wal isaan ficcisiisa!
Suraan armaan gadii argitan kun reeffa liyyuu haayiliin tigiraay amaara irratti maayikadeeraa bakka jedhamuutti tarkaanfii ajjeechaa fudhatteedha.
Sichi wal fixxee budaan ilmaan keenyaa!!

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