What SDP agreed to “in principle”To join the proposed formation of (EPP),

What SDP agreed to “in principle”

When Somali Democratic Party (SDP) agreed “in principle” to join the proposed formation of Ethiopian Prosperity Party (EPP), it did so on the agreed upon formula that:

1. The existing ethnic based federal system shall be safeguarded;
2. The right to self-rule and autonomous decision-making at regional level, which is enshrined in the constitution, shall be guaranteed;
3. The use of Somali language as the official language of administration in SRS and medium of instruction in schools shall not be changed;
4. Somali language shall be given official federal status in line with Amharic, Afaan Oromo, and Tigrinya..etc.
5. The current structure of SDP and membership organs shall remain intact;
6. The political program of EPP shall take into consideration the socio-economic make-up (i.e pastoralism) and livelihood means of Somali society;
7. The power-sharing formula shall take into consideration the size of the population, huge land mass, natural resource endowments and geopolitical significance and strategic location of Somali region.

The proposed draft bylaws of EPP contravenes most of these articles. Therefore, if SDP rejects these proposals, which infringe upon our basic constitutional rights, it’s not legally violating the previously agreed commitment to join the new party, “in principle”.

SDP must leave the negotiations and consult with their base. The era of dictation and coersion is over.

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OMN: ቆይታ- ከሶማሌ ክ/ ም ርዕሰ መስተዳድር አማካሪ ከአቶ ከጀማል ድሪዬ ጋር (Nov 20, 2019)

Thursday Thoughts!

Having one Afari and one Harari guy or gal in the executive committee of a party will neither make it Agerawi nor Hibre-biherawi, but rather make it look like something similar to the reincarnation of the former ኢሠፓ!

Also, need proof that formulas and ratios don’t work for power-sharing and political inclusion? Don’t look afar. Just look at our neighbour, Somalia, and its fifteen-years-old dysfunctional federal system.

The historic and nobble struggle for genuine and democratic federalism deserves more than gimmicks and well wishes!

Mohamed Olad

Paartiin Demokraatummaa Somaalee (SDP)f namni miseensa tahan tokko miidiyaa naannichaa irratti ibsa kennaniin koreen hoji raawwachiiftuus tahee koreen gidduu paartii isaanii SDP diiguuf aangoo akka hin qabne akeekkachiisanii jiran.

Qondaalli kun itti dabaluun, ADWUIs hanga ammaatti jirus yoo tahe SDP yookiis Aggaar paartii biraa diiguuf aangoo hin qabu jedhan. Wanni godhuu danda’an yoo jiraate dhaaba baqiinsaan dhalate akka seennu afeeruu qofa. Sana ammoo koreen hoji raawwachiiftuu fi koreen gidduu keenya yaa’ii paartii waamuun dabballeen hundi hirmaatee maryachuun adeemsi kun mirga ofiin of bulchuu naannichi heera keessatti kaayame ni kabaja yoo tahe qofa itti deema jechuun addeessan qondaaltichi. Kana qofaan federaalizimiin sabdaneessaa mirkanaaha jechuun ejjennoo isaanii ifa godhan.