We are not puppet to anybody; we only take orders from Tigray people Debretsion G/Micheal.

‘We are not puppet to anybody; we only take orders from Tigray people’. Debretsion G/Micheal.

This echoes defiant statement of Lemma Magarsaa in 2017 against TPLF.

I think the only formidable force against the emergence of Abiy’s dictatorship right now is TPLF. Ethiopian Federation needs multi-polar centres of power and Mekelle should be definitely one of them. Abiy is already acting like a dictator when he deals with other states. A check on him is good.

Tigray is already a defacto state. They are restructuring their ministries (bureaus). Tigray Investment Bureau is now Tigray Investment and Export Bureau. Direct export of goods from industrial parks in Tigray to Europe and Middle East is the intention. Remember, the trade war between China and USA might continue specially if Trump wins his second term and that permanently changes the supply chain. Read articles written by Steve Bannon, former White House Chief Strategist, on this issue.

Ethiopia can take advantage of such supply chain disruption. And Dr. Tekeste who moved from his Federal post to Tigray probably understands this very well.

Takele Uumaa says ”Addis Ababa” city is planing to build 10 brand new ‘neighbourhoods’. I’m sure that all of these neighbourhoods are to be built in inner city. This is Gentrification. It is big part of Neoliberal policy. It is very common practice of ‘clearing the poor’ from downtown business districts, specially in a country where affluent middle class is created. In Ethiopia, raw meat eating big belly middle to upper class is already created. Coupled with Arabs who want to takeover ”Addis Ababa” as their high altitude summer home, time is ripe for Gentrification.

Thing is…what are they going to do with the poor when they tear down old neighbourhoods? In many other countries, the poor that is displaced would normally be resettled on the outskirts of the city (as it did happen in ”Addis Ababa” under TPLF). Removing the poor from Piasa, Kasachis and Arada to resettle them in Boolee and Laafto on Oromo farmers’s land is not going to happen. Nobody allows another Boolee Arraabsaa and Koyyee Faccee. Any settlement or real estate only happens if it meets the interest of Oromiyaa and Oromo people. That said, if the poor are accommodated within the Gentrification program within the inner city ( the Emiratis are doing it), it might probably work.

Biyya Oromiyaa

Imagine Tigray becomes independent, what is there left for ”Ethiopia”? All the historical buzz created around the narrative of ‘Ge’ez civilization’ will be gone with Tigray. ”Ethiopia” as we know it, the urban Naftenga made Ethiopia, will be naked, void and dead.

Even worse for urban Naftengas, there might be the creation of Greater Tigray. Some Otto Von Bismarck kind of Tigrean might emerge to bring all Tigrinya speaking people under same country. Remember, it is not just language, there is history and descent that goes back to the time of Agazi that ties these people together. Somalis tried to ‘unify’, Tigreans will definitely try it; and they might succeed.

One thing is true though, TPLF and EPLF will probably go to war than bring people separated by artificial colonial border together. That said, Greater Tigray will definitely be the next driving force both in Eritrea and Tigray in political discussions, specially if democratic space is opened.

When we see the bigger picture, Tigray’s and Eritrea’s destiny is together and within the Ethiopian Federation. Ethiopia can offer umbrella to ensure diversity, minority rights, and sovereignty of the Federation and the Republics.