We all know that #Oromia PP & #Amhara PP will never work together.

We all know that #Oromia PP & #Amhara PP will never work together.

As academics, practitioners, former diplomats, and advocates closely following Ethiopia, we are deeply concerned about growing unrest and instability following the killing of Haacaaluu Hundeessaa, a prominent Oromo musician who was gunned down on June 29 and whose death sparked a week of violence. We are equally concerned by the international community’s relative silence in response to this upheaval.

We are alarmed that the Ethiopian government has renewed restrictions on individual rights. The government’s use of repressive tools in its latest crackdown—including arbitrarily arresting citizens and shutting down the internet—echoes tactics employed by previous Ethiopian leaders and directly threatens the progress made over the last two years. Respect for the rule of law is an obligation of the government as well as of citizens and should never be used as a justification to stifle freedom of expression or undermine pluralism.

Oduu Gaddaa fi Jawar Mohammedfaan Boru Mana murtiitti dhihaatu


They say we dont have evidence to back our claim that minilik was a human butcher but here you can see from this pic of 1890 how he amputated the hands of oromo prisoners and again feeding them their amputated body parts.


We all know that #Oromia PP & #Amhara PP will never work together. The dead on arrival #PP is nothing but ANDM. #OPDO already rejected PP and there is no chance PP will survive #Oromo protest coming in few days time. Oromia PP failed to stabilize the region and those Amhara PP will finally reject Oromia PP. Oromo protest may accompany complete eradication of PP members residing at Addis including those Amhara PPs. This protest must be the conclusion one. Oromia shall be free!

– Leul Henok


We are brother and Sister, Somali, Oromo, Sidama, and Afar, then join hand in hand, brave Kush family! By uniting we stand, by dividing we fall.”