WBON Bilxiginnaa Gurra qabuf OLA fi TDF Waraana Abiy ibiddana wadaa jiru!!

ODUU Hatattama WBON Bilxiginnaa Gurra qabuf OLA fi TDF Waraana Abiy ibiddana wadaa jiru Moha Oromo

Injifannoo WBO #INBOX
“Lollo guyyaa kaleessaa boojji coqorsaa magalaa fiigaa akka itti fufeetti oole.
Humna waraanaa kallatti afuriin jabeffatanii deemanii lolaa jiru warri kan mootummaa.
Karaa boojji dirmajii itti galaniiru, karaa gullisoo itti galaniiru, karaa laalloo assabii tti galaniiru gandoota baadiyyaa karaa kushaanee jedhamuunis itti galanii lola jiru garuu WBOn hamma kanarraa hafee injifannoo guddaa argamsiisaa jira. Amma magalaa fiigaa iddoo jedhamuu safara waldaa makena yesus iddoo jedhamuu WBON achiin dhufee nu rukuta jedhanii uummata safararraa buqqisaa jiru.”

Via: Dabessa Gemelal

The Oromia Liberation Army OLF is talking to the people of Oromia about the cities they have liberated .

Oduu Hatattama: Jeneraal Jaal Marroo ‘n PP ‘f Deebii Kenne- Injifannoo WBO Oromiya

OMN AGM Ethiopia

Sheekni Akkaata Ajjeefamuu Abduljabbaar Saaxile Dhuguma Hidhamemoo Olola Sobaati? Itti Dhiyaadhaa

The international television Al Jazeera’s English has prepared a report on the agreement between the Oromo and Tigre rebels.

The Tigre media has revealed that TPLF captured the strategic city of Weldiya where the Amharic administration denied the arrest of Weldiyya men. The Amharas and Tigre joined together and Ethiopia destroyed their hands and they used to kill the poisoned people in the name of Ethiopia.
The game is starting, we haven’t drowned a message yet.


  1. breaking news mr Semaneh Jemere could be jailed and deported soon for inciting violence among nations and nationalities He is an ardent supporter of Abiy and his party, PP. All of these thugs will be held for their warcrimes and appear before ICC. They are genociders. Semaneh T. Jemere claims that he has been granted the candian citizenship 20 years ago , but he still meddle in Ethiopian affairs and incite violence. In his own words”ውዱና ጎስቋላው ወገኔ ሆይ። በሃሳብና በጭንቀት የታጀበው ሰላምታየ ከባህር ማዶ ይድረስህ። እኔ ከሃገሬ ከወጣሁ ብዙ ጊዜ ሆኗል። በየጊዜው ወደ ሃገር ቤት እየመጣሁ ኑሮህንና ስቃይህን ሁልጊዜ አያለሁ። ኑሮህንና ሕይወትህን ለመለወጥ የምታደርገውን ውጣ ውረድ አይቸ ብዙ ተስፋ ጥየብሃለሁ። ይህን ጥረትህን ሊአጨልሙብህ የሚሯሯጡና መሰናክል የሆኑብህ ሃገር በቀል አሜኪላዎች እንደሚአስቸግሩህም በጽኑ አውቃለሁ። እኔ እንደሆንሁ ኢትዮጵያዊነቴን ለውጨ የውጭ ዜግነት ከወሰድሁ ድፍን ሃያ ሁለት ዓመት ሆኖኛል። የቅንጦት ኑሮን ለመኖር፤ እንደ ድመት ምቾቴንና ሰላሜን ከመፈለጌ የተነሳ በክረምት በረዶ እየጠረግሁ፤ በበጋ ሙቀት እየተቃጠልሁ እኖራለሁ። ምቾት ቢኖረኝም ውስጣዊ ሰላም የለኝም።” We amhara and Oromo people we donot need this thug and we want to live in peace and harmony with our fellow nationalities.

    Semaneh jemere should be sent to ICC

  2. Re-posted from Ayyaantuu News

    To all Oromos who have contacts in Ethiopia, (Please get in touch with all you know and share the following message!)

    A day ago, I listened, in ABSOLUTE HORROR, to Billene Seyoum, the Spokeswoman of the Prime Minster of Ethiopia, call for an open POGROM against the Tegaru (Citizens of Tigray )currently residing in all parts of Ethiopia. That the children and grand children of the Nefxagna State are brutal beyond the pale, in their quest to maintain power and control, is no secret to the Oromo and all of the people of the south. For example, I will never forget how a marauding pack of murderous thugs, waving their Ethiopian flag, murdered a six year old Oromo boy in Kazanchis district, in Finfinne/Addis Abeba during the week of the return of the OLF leadership from Asmara in 2018, just because the kid happened to be an Oromo! The message was loud, clear, and chilling! It was an incitement to Violence intended to egg on the Oromo into a retaliatory genocide!

    By the grace of G*D though, that retaliatory genocide did not occur, partly because of a speech Bekele Gerba gave urging the Oromos not to fall for a CLEAR Amhara Nefxagna TRAP! To digress here a bit, this situation actually helped me realize why we Oromos should equally appreciate our Bekele Gerbas just as much as we celebrate our HEROS, Jaal Goolicha, Maarroo, Sanyii, & Murataa, etc. Each of these sets of leaders has their own VALUE in the pursuit of our freedom! The greatness of our people HAS never been defined by senseless brutality, contrary to the stories written by the ‘Debteras’ of Imperial Ethiopia! That character trait defines a weak and brutal Amhara settler class whose grandiose self-image was only made possible with advanced European Firearms used against people who were carrying sticks and spears to defend themselves, their families, and their land, the Oromo people, and the people of the South. Unlike the past, today, when we can match them pound for pound, we should never lower our collective National Conscience to their level of senseless & merciless brutality! This brings me to what I am about to say:

    The Citizens of Tigray who are trying to earn a living like everyone else amongst us in Finfinne, Adama, Jimma, Agaro, Nekempte, Hararar, Jiggiga, Hawassa, Metu, Dire Dawa, etc ARE NOT OUR ENEMY! Do not BE A PART OF AN AMHARA ELITE DRIVEN POGROM! It is actually not enough that you do not in any way take part or refuse to assist in this planned pogrom against innocent civilians who just happen to be Tegarus, in a “country” where their presence was legally not prohibited or banned! You NEED TO ACTIVELY DO ALL YOU CAN TO THWART THE MURDEROUS THUGS OF ABIY’S NEFXAGNA STATE FROM GETTING THEIR HANDS ON ANY INNOCENT CITIZEN OF TIGRAY! It may be at a great risk to yourself, but if you see one of these victims of these planned pogrom, open your hearts and doors for them! Stick them in your grain silos, hide them in your barns, under your beds, in your corn fields! Do everything you can to protect them and help them! THAT IS HOW YOU MAINTAIN THE GREATNESS OF THE TRADITIONS OF OUR ANCESTORS! WE WILL NOT BE SILENT WITNESSES TO AN AMHARA ELITE NEFXAGNA STATE SANCTIONED POGROM AGAINST INNOCENT PEOPLE REGARDLESS OF OUR DISTASTE FOR THE CRIMES COMMITTED BY THE TPLF AGAINST THE OROMO PEOPLE IN THE PAST! WE WILL HAVE THE RIGHT TIME AND VENUE TO ADDRESS THAT ISSUE SOON! IN THE MEAN TIME LET US SEE TO IT THAT NOT A SINGLE INNOCENT TEGARU LIFE IS LOST WHILE WE CAN PREVENT IT!


    Waqaa Gurracha Oromo Waliin!

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