WBO kee hinjibbin namana!! Oromo music 2021

WBO kee hinjibbin namana!! Oromo music 2021

Bilisummaa Dinquu New Ethiopian oromo music “Ka’i Malee!!!”2021

Bilisummaa Dinquu new Ethiopian oromo music, ” FIILAA!!! “2021

Gudina Tulu- Saddeeqa-New Ethiopian Oromo music 2021 (Official video)

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  1. Deara Oromo intelektuals
    the notoryouse oromo killer is middle, Abiy Ahmed born in Oromia and killing non Oromos.
    Thancks to TPLF,People of Tigray, you are now able to experess yurselves in a foreign tongue , but I curse those days on your behalf when you were ashamed of speaking with your own langage. What Abbo IRkoo, Abba Salon and Obbo Ibrahim Hassen Gagale look like a statement declared by the entire Oromo Liberation league and Parties kolectivalley. How come your right dawn and respondde to oe person like that. I am humbled and felt supperrior to you when I read a leter like that to me.
    Who wrottite it dawn to you Obbo Irkoo? I believe it was written Obbo Tsegaye Ararsa , or some other erudite among Oromos. I assure yo it is not you ignorant man . How long did you spent in schoools and lived in englich speakingge cowntry ?? I knew many oromos lectureres who cannot even speak and right a single sentence without an enorous and nasty error !!!
    Thanks to TPLF you are now able to speak a bit of englsh and hold masters phds etc many of you were cursed to stay 11gradeer for decades and work as guardman in private amhara landlords for your enture life. yoiu were going to witchmen and voodoos to plead for healing and get your problems solved. Now TPLF introduced you to modern hospitals instead of የመንደር ጠንቋይ ሂዳቹ ጎፍታ ኪያ ማሎ ማሎ ከማለት ሆስፒታል ሄዳቹ እድከሙ እድሉን አገኛቹ፥፥የትግራይና አማራን ሕዝብ አመስግኑ ስትሳደብ መልሶ ወዳንተ እንደሚፈናጠር አስም ማሰቢያህ የሚሰራ ከሆነ: We thought you to lead a decent life and eanjoy enjeraa you claim you migranted from Saudi Arabia why donot you go there ? We didn’t evan now that there is “spell cheker website ” it is you who tell could send us the link ? does someone showed you when you were unable to write “Onomatopoeia” “Acquiesce”, “Scurrilous” we know all your dizaertaion and thesis was written by someonelese or purchased at shop kwown to retail academic papers . You and Abiy amhed, afrucan genoiciders of orom origin, are nominal intelektuals. What did you do for your people with your phd and msters ? apart from bragging and inciting violence and massacring people you are usless to oromos.

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