Wayyaaneen Wayyaanee caalu enyu-dha??

Wayyaaneen Wayyaanee caalu enyu-dha??

Birtukan Midhagsa is an anti-federalist politician with hostile sentiment against the multi-national federation, but that’s her right. She was/is the face and figure head of vocal opposition reactionary elements whose political pursuits has long been bent on campaigning to dismantle Oromia and other national regional states. If things go as per the rumors are having it that the PM appoints her to lead the national electoral board, that would certainly be another wrong decision — but this time with a far reaching consequences in complicating the quagmire in which the country finds itself.

Girma Gutema


At the core of the former CUD’s politics lays the plan to dismantle Oromia and ultimately save their Ethiopia from the Oromo. In recruiting this lady and appointing her to top leadership (I call it ‘using her as a cover’) in just less than two weeks after she became party member, their plan was two folds: 1) Appease the Ethiopian population much of whom got warmer hearts for bringing women to leadership in politics. 2) Send out clear messages to the Oromo saying: look there are Oromos too who don’t want your Oromia, there are also Oromos who work with us to dismantle the Oromia you fantacise with— her name being Midhagsa, we ain’t alone in fighting to dismantle your Oromia…..

With very little understanding of their gambler politics and so much natural naivety, she had to pay disproportionate price at the end of the day and apparently, she had to realise this only after starting to cry, alone at it, in her prison cell. Would she repeate same mistake now and in the future? We got to wait and see….

But be that as it may, happy for her that she made it back home effectively ending her life in exile!


Wayyaaneen Wayyaanee caalu OPDOdha

Waggaa 27 guutuu sabboontotaa qalee nyaate dhiga qeerroo waraabee dhuge Oromoo lafarraa fixe. Ilmi wayyaanee ammas wallaga ajjeesuu calqabera. Burumoo Oromiyaa guutuu duguugaa beekaa iyya iyya dabarsaa uummataa kasaa tokkumaa jabbeesaa wallgaafi birmadhaa roorroo ofirraa dhowwa.

Diinni gammachuu guddaa keesa jira Oromoon ABO deegaruufii OPDO jala kaatu bakka lamatti adaan bahee walnyaachufi adeema jedhameet odeeffama. Oromoo ofeegadhu otoo 

ወ/ት ብርቱካን ሚደቅሳ በአዲስ አበባ ፈረንሳይ ሌጋሲዮን የምገኘዉ የቤተሰቦቻቸዉ መኖርያ ቤት ሲደርሱ የተደረገላቸዉ አቀባበል።

(ቪዲዮ፦ በዩሃንስ ገብረእግዚያብሔር)

DW Amharic

Gondar! Dr. Abiyyitu achi deeme. Kan suuraa irratti mul’atu kun ammoo “simannaa” warra Gondariin godhameef. Ergaan suuraa kanaa garuu dubbii qaba. Goraadee qabatanii eenyutti dhaadatu? Hafuura lolaa amma jaraa fi Tigraay gidduu jiru irra dhaabbannee yoo laallu ergaa waraanaa dabarsaa jiru. Dhaadannaan kun ammoo Tigraay qofaafis hin fakkaatu. ”Yoo dandeesse gama keenya gorii nu waliin abbaa nu loluu barbaannu achi loli, yoo diddemmoo….” ergaa jedhu waan qabu fakkaata. Aktivistoonni Bahr Daaris har’a waanuma kana fakkaatu barreessaa oolan.

Ada’aa Bargaa/ Meettaa

Yaa ODP, people are not with you!!!!

Yooyaa baandii hawwisoo ABO ture, gaaffii, hawwisoon kun bara meeqa eessarratti yaalaa, kessattuu ijolleen harargee caraa gaarii

#WBO’n!! Nagaa fi Boqonnaa Jireenyaa Saba Oromoo dha.

Ethiopia: ሕብር ዜና ትንታኔ Hiber News Analysis

OMN ODUU November,, 8//2018

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