Addis Begins 666m Br Water Projects in Oromia Special Zones

Addis Begins 666m Br Water Projects in Oromia Special Zones

 New project takes into account common interests of the city and surrounding Special Zones

Note: The TPLF dictatorial regime has already stared the implementation of Addis Abab’s master plan! no time to waste, right??

I thought this is part of the draft proclamation. How come it is now implemented if the draft is not agreed upon?

It is in fact a bribe for continues supply of freshwater to Addis Ababa residents free of charge. As it stands, Addis Ababa should immediately start to pay for its water supply to Oromia.


PUBLISHED ON JUL 03,2017 [ VOL 18 ,NO 897]

(Addis Fortune) — The Addis Ababa Water & Sewerage Authority (AAWSA) Project Office has started the construction of 666 million Br worth of water development projects in Oromia Special Zones.

The primary rationale of the project is providing potable water to the areas which are serving as major sources of water for the city, according to the project office. It will be developed in 11 small towns of Oromia Regional State.

The new project takes into account the common interests of the city and the surrounding Special Zones.

“This will address the complaints of people who live in the surrounding towns,” said Gezahegn Lemecha, deputy director of Oromia Water, Mineral & Energy Bureau.

With an order from 14 cabinet members of the City Administration, the total financing for the project is sourced from the coffers of the city’s current fiscal year budget, which allocated over five billion Br to implement water infrastructure development projects this year.

“Although these areas are water active, the problem of getting potable water is challenging for the residents,” said Tesfalem Bayu, head of the project office. “This necessitated implementing water development projects in the areas.”

All of the city’s water sources are reservoirs located in Oromia Special Zones. The Legedadi, Dire, Gefersa and Akaki dams are the major reservoirs which supply water to Addis every day.

The project will be constructed in two phases over 24 months. The first phase started a month ago by the project office, involving the construction of six water wells in Sendafa, Dire, Berek and Gelan special zone towns, whose population is about 300,440. Also, this phase includes electromechanical and civil works. It is expected to take ten months alone costing the city administration over 144 million Br.

“As we did the feasibility study for this phase before this project was initiated, the next step will be undertaking the civil works,” said Tesfalem.

The second phase of the project includes the construction of ten water holes in Burayou, Sebeta, Gelan, Sululta, Wolmera, Legedadi and Legetafo towns. These towns have a population of around 354,000 people.

Designing a feasibility study, civil and electromechanical works and developing a water terminal are the major steps in this phase. The project office has scheduled to finish this phase in two years.

The office has already contracted Oromia Water Works Design & Supervision Enterprise to undertake a pre-feasibility and feasibility study for the projects. Established in 2006, the Enterprise works in consultancy services for engineering projects.

With the aim of overlooking the project, AAWSA’s project office has formed a crew that includes experts and officials from the surrounding cities, the city administration and Oromia Regional State Water & Sewerage Bureau.

The new project was announced in a month where the government introduced a draft proclamation which determines Oromia’s special interest in Addis. Implementing water infrastructural development projects in surrounding cities is among the main issues stated in the draft.

“It is a natural law, the city should repay for what it used,” said Gezahegn.