Waraanni PP Shamarran Oromoo 3 Ajjeessu fi Haala Barattoota Yuun. Maqalee

Oduu Adoolessa 9,2021- Waraanni PP Shamarran Oromoo 3 Ajjeessu fi Haala Barattoota Yuun. Maqalee

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  1. The rightful place for the Oromo people is an Independent Republic of Oromia NOT some kind of a “seat at the table” within the Imperial State of Ethiopia! Please stop pushing this FAILED notion of ‘democratizing” Ethiopia on our people! The ‘democratization’ of Ethiopia assumes that the Amhara Elite and their Oromo-in name-only cohorts and messengers, such as Abiy Ahmed, Bacha Dabale, Taye Danda, & Alemu Sime, et al will PEACEFULLY relinquish power and agree to accept the EQUALITY of the Oromo and other subjugated peoples’ trapped in the Empire, of their own volition…This idea has been tried before with the same disastrous result for our people! Ever stopped to think about how far back the RIGHTFUL struggle of the Oromo people would have been setback by, had some COURAGEOUS AND VISIONARY leaders such as Goollicha Dheengee Bonayyaa & Kumsaa Dirribaa NOT REFUSED to DISARM? I, for one, WILL NEVER FORGET THE TRAGEDY OF 1991, AFTER LENCO LETA , DIMA NOGO and other OLF leaders, perhaps, in good faith, DECIDED TO HAVE OUR FIGHTERS DISARM AND ENTER CAMP! Any one familiar with what happened to our brothers and sisters who WERE UNARMED and in Camp, once the OLF decided to ‘withdraw’ from the then government? How about the fate of Jawar MOhammed and Bekele Gerba today? They THOUGHT IT WAS POSSIBLE TO DEMOCRATIZE ETHIOPIA THROUGH PEACEFUL MEANS AND MECHANISMS!!! Well, do I need to state the obvious? YOU CAN NOT DEMOCRATIZE AN IMPERIAL SYSTEM FORMED ON THE PRINCIPLE OF EXPLOITATION OF THE RESOURCES OF A SUBJUGATED PEOPLE FOR THE SOLE BENEFIT OF AN AMHARA-CENTRIC STATE!

    The future of our people SHOULD BE an Independent Oromo Republic born out of the unparalleled sacrifice our Oromo Liberation Army brothers and sisters are making today! My appeal to any AND ALL Oromos with a decent means is to STAND WITH AND BEHIND OUR COURAGEOUS AND HONORABLE OLA FIGHTERS WITH EVERYTHING WE HAVE! “Freedom IS NOT FREE!” as the old adage goes…We all may not be able to carry Arms, BUT WE CAN SUPPORT AND BACK THOSE WHO DO SO ON OUR BEHALF! Armed struggle is the only way left for our people to free themselves of the Hellhole called Ethiopia… To wish for a “democratized Ethiopia” is to feed our people a FALSE HOPE!


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