Dr.Yusuf Ibrahim jedhama Adagiraat hojjachaa ture. Dhalataa Somaaleeti lollii Tigiraay yeroo irratti labsamu innis gara Tigiraay goree amma dirree lolaatti loltoota Tigiraayf tajaajila wallaansa fayyaa kennaafii jira. Firaa qabsoo jaraa ta’ee jira.

Information: about the ‘ Somali boy s’ that was reported to be fighting against the Tigrian rebellion.
The name of the boy is Yusuf ‘ ibraahin Ahmed. He was born in Awbare district in Faafan region of Somalia.
Yusuf went to Tigray region in 2004 Ethiopian history and lived in that region for almost 10 years and lived in the west of Tigray, he worked a lot and was a health professional who worked in the cities of Humera Shire. Adigrat is the best.
He is now fighting in Adigrat town and he has a wife who has several children but his wife has born to the Tigrian ethnic group and it is said that he is married to another Somali girl.
He became part of the ‘ Ethiopian Military ‘ in the 2000 ‘ to 2004 ‘ and caught several different positions. And later he said ‘he left’ the way he went.
Yusuf joined the Tigre referee in 2021 when the government forces captured the city of Adigrat. And after that he fought directly against the ‘ army ‘ of the ‘ escape leader s’ of Debretion.
These two photos are different from ‘while in the forest’ and when he was in Adigrat city.
Yusuf is a professional ‘ Health ‘ who is on the side of ‘ the injury ‘ treatment of the Tigrian Recovery.
It deserves to be remembered that Yusuf is not only fighting against the Tigrian militants who are dying against Somalia.
We are trying to search information from the Somali youth who fought in that region.
Share the information of Ogadenia Media.

Kan beekuuf daaymandii
Badaa keessan qummuudaa
Raatuun qicaaf gammaddi
Humni uummataa jabaa
Akka volkaanoo riphaa
Gowwaaf booyichi tapha
Ibidda citaan diba
Hanga feete bulbultus
Hanga dhugu natu beeka
Dantaa dhuunfaaf bololtus
Kaayyoo boruun akeeka
Yakkaan biyya dararaa
Waliif baastu maqaa masoo
Rabbuu nama gargaara
Caalaa Daggafaa Warra Galaan

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