Waamicha Hiriira Araaraa Tokkummaa Barattoota Amboon Qophaa’e !

Waamicha Hiriira Araaraa Tokkummaa Barattoota Amboon Qophaa’e !

Gootoni Qeerroo bilisummaa Oromoo #Amboo
Waamicha hiriira araara barattoota ambootiin qophaa’e

By Moti Mao
“I am ashamed of some political sophomores describing the political shananigans of the so called Ethiopian government. I am not a hard core OLF supporter. I have been their critic for a long time. But I can see through and through the mischiefs of OPDO in this case.

Whether we like it or not, the OPDO aligned itself with Ethiopianist group long before the invitation of opposition groups back to Ethiopia.Team Lemma portrayed themselves as religious and peaceful politicians and won the admiration of unsuspecting mass.

OPDO had OLF as a target. It is the only organization that can unseat it from Oromia. They designed tricks to lure it into their hand. Whether Daud accepted their offer or not they were determined to eliminate OLF from the field of competition as they did in 1992. All the rest of the actions (PM killing attempts, bank roberries, exposure of training camps) are all dramatic effects of their design. OPDO does not want to play in a plain election field.

The second reason is that the OLF stands against their Ethiopianist agenda. OLF agenda is par with the desire of the Oromo people and the nationalities of Ethiopia. These are the driving forces of OPDO against the OLF.”


  1. Obbo Moti Mao´s comment is perfectly correct. I have also arrived at personal conclusion that the OPDO will wage war on OLF regardless of what that agree and do. If WBO is moved under their control, they will continue their war on OLF leadership and the cadres. They perfectly know that they cannot win true election because of the role they played in the last 27 years. So, the solution they found is to align with weak oromo organizations that work against OLF and do all in their power to clear any sign of OLF from the political atmosphere. I think also that the way OLF is accepted on Sept. 15 increased their heartbeat. The Oromo people has no tool than starting mass protest and say NO to this war.

  2. Dear Moti Mao,

    Speaking truth might not necessitate membership. It rather less trustworthy when you speak in favour what you are member.

    Yes, you got the truth of where OPDO’s problem lies. Further, it is clear that substantial number of members of OPDO are non-Oromos (mostly 50% Amharas including Abiy and Lemma). They all are creation of TPLF. Trained by their creator, they will continue to make drama such as that in Bedeno.

    Question that prove OPDO is not for Oromo are such as: why they make Ethiopia their number 1 priority, being claiming they Oromo and Oromo’s organization? Also, why they abandon Oromia and Oromo Nation?

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