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Waa’ee Itoophiyaan Qoricha Vaayirasii Koronaaf ta’u argachuu hin oolu jette irratti.

Waa’ee Itoophiyaan Qoricha Vaayirasii Koronaaf ta’u argachuu hin oolu jette irratti.

Dr Nuredin luke akkasiin ummata hubachiisan

Hardha Ministerri Teeknolojiifii Innoveeshinii fuula (page) isaa irratti qoricha yaala Dhukkuba VaayirasiiKoronaa (COVID-19) qoricha aadaafi hammayyaa wolitti makuun argadhee jira jedhe. Qorichi argame jedhe kunis kan sirna ittisa qaamaa jabeessuufi miidhaa takka akka hin qabne dubbatte. Qorannoos yeroo dhihootti beeyladootafi nama irratti gochuuf qophaa’uu isaa ibse.

Woma ministerichi jedhe irraa kaanee yoo ilaalle: qorannoon qorichi namaaf ni ta’aa hin ta’uu booda godhamuuf akka deemu ibsee asuma deebi’ee nama irratti miidhaa tokkollee kan hin fidne jedhee achuma biratti dubbata. Yoo Qorannoo hin hojjannee miidhaa nama irratti fiduu dhabuu isaa maaliin beekan gaafii jedhu kan kaasuufi adeemsa qorichi tokko keessa bahee akka qorichaatti namaaf ajajamu irratti hubannoo takka kan hin qabne ta’uu isaanii muldhisa.

Qorichi tokko akka qorichaatti fudhatamee ilma namaaf kennamuuf sadarkaalee ykn adeemsa keessa darbuu ykn taruu qabutu jira.

Inni jalqabaa qorichichi beeyladoota ykn bineensota garagaraa irratti yaalama. Kun ji’oota hedduu fudhachuu danda’a. Erga bineensota irratti yaalamee isaan irratti miidhaa hin fidne ta’uun isaa mirkanaaye booda qorichichi nama fayyaa qabu irratti miidhaa dalgaa (side effect) inni fidu ilaallama. Kunis torbaanota heddu fudhata.

Erga namoota fayyaa irrratti miidhaa dalgaa hamaa fiduu dhabuun isaa mirkanaayee booda namoota dhukkubicha qorichi ni ta’aaf jedhameen qabaman irratti yaalama. Kun ammoo adeemsa xaxaa mataa isaa kan qabuufi namoota dhukkubichaan qabaman heddu (kumaa ol) irratti yaalama. Kunis turtii dheeraa hanga ji’a jahaa fudhachuu danda’a.

San booda teeknolojii fayyaa ol’aanoofi laaboratoorii hammayyatti fayyadamuun qorichi eessatti, haala kamiin deemee, garamiin bahee, wolnyaatisa akkamii godhe, dhukkubicha fayyisa kan jedhamu qoratama. Amma biyyi Qorannoo vaayirasii koronaa tolchuu dadhabde erga ammaa nama 700 hin geenye qoratte, laaboraatoori jajjabaa kamiin qabdii qoricha haarawa argadhe jettee dubbatti.

Otoo qorichiyyuu sirrii ta’ee waan haarawa ta’eef yeroo woggaa tokkoo olii adeemsa kana keessatti fudhata.

Kana akka hubannoo takka isaan hin qabnetti ilaallee irra taruu nu feesisa. Of eeggannoo keenya haa cimsinuu. Isaanis qorannoo isaanitti haa fufanii, nutis of haa eegnu. Qorichi dhufaa jira jennee of gowwoomsuuf abdii hin taane keessa seenuu irraa of haa qusannuu.

Kana dhiisaa, Of eeggannoo cimsaa!
©Dr. Nuredin Luke

Local cocktail ready for COVID-19 treatment

(thereporterethiopia)—At a time when the world is scrambling to find a cure, a vaccine or some sort of viable treatment for the Novel Coronavirus that is rocking the globe, the Ethiopian Ministry of Health (MoH) and the Ministry of Innovation and Technology (MoIT) have disclosed that they have an effective treatment in the pipeline that enhances natural immunity in the fight againt the virus.

Although the details of the ingredients as well as the laboratory procedure and testing were not presented in detail, the two ministries said that a treatment drug has been discovered from the traditional medicines in the country.

The statement that the MoIT issued on March 27, 2020, indicated that the medicine has passed the basic research procedures and was successful in the laboratory modeling processes.

“The research had been conducted by different Ethiopian scientists both in the country and abroad since the pandemic was known to the global society. It has passed through various testing stages and now green light has been given for animal and clinical trial,” the statement announced.

The whole researching and treatment are said to follow local and World Health Organization’s procedures, according to the press briefing the two ministries gave only to selected government media houses.

According to the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA), drug development has five processes. The first stage involves discovery and development where researchers “identify a promising compound for development, they conduct experiments to gather information on how it [the drug] is absorbed, distributed, metabolized, and excreted; its potential benefits and mechanisms of action; the best dosage; the best way to give the drug (such as by mouth or injection); side effects or adverse events that can often be referred to as toxicity; how it affects different groups of people (such as by gender, race, or ethnicity) differently; how it interacts with other drugs and treatments and its effectiveness as compared with similar drugs.”

The second stage, which the newly developed drug in Ethiopia is said to have passed, is preclinical research. This involves preclinical research that is “before testing a drug in people, researchers must find out whether it has the potential to cause serious harm, also called toxicity.”

“Usually, preclinical studies are not very large. However, these studies must provide detailed information on dosing and toxicity levels. After preclinical testing, researchers review their findings and decide whether the drug should be tested in people,” states the FDA website.

The Ethiopian government has announced that the new COVID-19 treatment drug has been proved not to cause harm in humans or not to be toxic.

The third step that the new drag entered is clinical research to answer “basic questions about a drug’s safety, it is not a substitute for studies of ways the drug will interact with the human body” according to the FDA.

The two remaining steps are reviewing and post-marketing safety monitoring which is, “examine all of the submitted data related to the drug or device and make a decision to approve or not to approve it,” and “monitoring all drug and device safety once products are available for use by the public.”

The Reporter approached the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Innovation and Technology to get details of the new COVID-19 drug research about these procedures but could not get replies from both entities. Questions relating to the research team profile, the time and money spent for the research, the ingredients of the new drug, the patent right, the involvement of the WHO or any other global entity, as well as the registration process, still remain unanswered.

OMN : Qophii Addaa – Dhimma Dhibee Koroonaa irratti Ogees. Xiinsammuu G/Prof Galataa Sixootaa waliin

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