Very sad #Abiy Ahmed is a war criminal!!

Very sad #Abiy Ahmed is a war criminal!!

Muuqaal cusub dagaalka kasocda woqooyiga itoobiya
Mashaqadan bal arka kani dagaal Mahee waa halaag walee itoobiya innay isku jabtay kooxda wayaanaha ayaa gudaha guashay deegaanka canfarta iyo Gobalka wollo waxay bilawday dhabagal iyo weeraro gaadma ah filo muqaalo kale soon

The owner of Ethiopia is collecting weapons

In Gonder town, Amhara region, the biggest army of the prisoners took the weapons.
On the other hand the Tigre ethnic group took the weapons underwater and saw news from the border between the two sides. They say that every minute he can start the heaviest war in Ethiopia. Amhara and Tigre used to colonize. I’m back from holding you
The situation of Ethiopia hasn’t reached a point yet.

You have dignity in your motherland.
The Somali State army today faced a very dangerous and dangerous situation. May Allah make it easy for them.

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