Namichi kuni Osoo aadaaf eenyummaa uummataa Oromoo kabajee ?

Namichi kuni Osoo aadaaf eenyummaa uummataa Oromoo kabajee maali taaha ……? OMG

What this moron is talking about? Is he a cadre or preacher ? OMG ! What is going on in that country, under the so called TPLF minority mafia regime?? God bless the Oromo people. This gay is sawing the hate seed, teaching how to hate not how to love, that is not good.

The agenda could be the change of direction from the Qubee problem!! why he/she chose to divulgate at this time  ?

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  1. Faith is a mirror that shapes our views , both of the earthly and of eternity – individually and collectively. I believe I can be Christian being Oromo. As a Christian and an Oromo, I believe that Jesus is the epitome of justice, peace, love, and the only way to salivation. When Jesus came and lived among the people in person, he didn’t despise their identities, culture and values. He respected their culture and taught them the way to Salvation. Since the only way to salvation is though Christ, true discipleship ( pastors, prophets, evangelists, etc) is the one that brings the good news to those who need it, not the one that shades darkness and ignorance on it. The approach of this man called Suraphel Demissie is a stark opposite of what it should be. It sounds more like a concerted effort to put the Oromo off the Gospel. This could emanate either from ignorance or a deliberate attempt to block the Gospel from spreading among the Oromo. Whatever his motives might be, the love and blessings of God prevails over all.
    As an Oromo and follower of Christ, I feel insulted. Churches in Ethiopia and around the world should take some kind of collective action to stop such a blasphemous teachings that stand against truth, block the Gospel from reaching every Oromo and of course damage community cohesion.

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