USAID warns worsening humanitarian situation in Tigray

USAID warns worsening humanitarian situation in Tigray with continued blockade and forced eviction in Western Tigray

USAID says that no convoys carrying humanitarian aid reached Tigray’s capital city
of Mekele between December 15 and 30.

(globenewsnet)–USAID also says 30,000 Tigrayans forced out from Western Tigray by Amhara forces since November 21, 2021, bringing the total number of people displaced from Tigray’s Western Zone November 2020 to more than 1.2 million people.

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USAID’s latest report paints a grim picture to the humanitarian situation in northern Ethiopia in general and in Tigray in particular.

Continued GoE Blockade on Tigray

USAID said that the blockade on Tigray by the government of Ethiopia and regional allies has continued.

β€œThough the recent developments represent an opportunity for progress, insecurity and bureaucratic impediments continue to restrict the provision of principled humanitarian assistance in northern Ethiopia, particularly in Tigray”, the report said.

USAID said that no convoys carrying humanitarian aid has reached Tigray’s capital city of Mekele between December 15 and 30 due to operational challenges, bureaucratic impediments, and insecurity, exacerbating the already dire need for assistance.

The report also said β€œAs of late December, a convoy of trucks carrying food and nutrition supplies is stalled in Afar’s Abala townβ€”the last checkpoint in Afar before entering Tigraydue to insecurity and operational constraints; humanitarian organizations must await a resolution to the extensive delays in Abala before dispatching additional convoys from Semera, according to the Logistics Cluster. Nearly 70 trucks with approval to travel to Mekele remain stalled in Semera as of December 30”, citing report from UN .

The report also showed that only approximately 4 percent of the humanitarian supplies that the UN estimates were required to sustain relief operations during that period, was allowed to enter Tigray during the first three weeks of December.

Worsening Hunger

The report showed that Ethiopia is projected to face a record number of people in need of emergency food assistance during 2022, representing a nearly 40 percent increase from 2021 levels, with the greatest needs concentrated in conflict-affected areas of northern Ethiopia.

The reports shows that between 6.5-7 million are facing severe acute food insecurity; 5.2 million of them are in Tigray. In general, 9.4 million people are projected to need

Humanitarian assistance in Afar, Amhara, and Tigray.

β€œLack of fuel for humanitarian use in Tigray forced some food partners to suspend operations beginning on December 10 and threatens to halt a USAID/BHA partner’s food dispatches across the region in the coming weeks”, the report said.

Continued forced eviction from Western Tigray under Amhara annexation

30,000 people since November 21, 2021, bringing the total number of people displaced from Western Zone since the
beginning of the conflict in November 2020 to more than 1.2 million people.

Ravaged Tigray health system Vs intact Afar health facilities

The report showed that 90 % of health facilities remain functional in Afar while the entire health system in Tigray remains at its knees due to shortage of medical supplies as a result of the blockade, and the massive destruction health facilities in Tigray sustained due to the war.

Children in Tigray unable to get vaccinated

The report also showed the difficulty relief actors are having to vaccinate children in Tigray.

β€œApproximately 790,000 children currently require vaccination against measles in Tigray, but the severe shortage of cash and fuel has prevented relief actors from administering 860,000 doses of the vaccine that were successfully transported to Tigray during the week of December 16”, citing report from UN.

Beneath is the full text of USAID’s report

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