USA and EU STOP funding Abiy Ahmeds’ dictator regime!

USA and EU STOP funding Abiy Ahmeds’ dictator regime

Henok G. Gabisa

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  1. Thanks, Dr Henok Gabisa.

    Oromo civic organizations and communities around the world must take strong and coordinated actions to bring the regime of Abiy Ahmed to the spot light for what it really is. Strong requests/demands, against the funding of the repressive regime of Ethiopia, must be put to the international organizations and countries. Ethiopia mustn’t continue to receive tax payers funding from countries such as the USA, UK and other civilized countries whilst it carries out ethnic cleansing against the great Oromo people.

    Hats off guys! Those of you who are working day and night for the defense of our people deserve our heart felt gratitude and praises. We are with you all the way and our great nation will achieve their inalienable freedom, and exercise their universal rights as well rights granted under the laws of their country. Keep it up!

    Oromia shall be free!

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