US policy in Africa under a Donald Trump presidency

US policy in Africa under a Donald Trump presidency

US policy in Africa under a Donald Trump presidency – About the move of Ivanka’s shoe plants to Ethiopia.

(Global Times) — A representative from Huajian Group, based in Dongguan, South China’s Guangdong Province, told the Global Times on Monday that US President-elect Donald Trump’s tough stance against outsourcing in China might cause it to lose some business, particularly those linked to the brand owned by his daughter Ivanka Trump.

But experts said that Trump’s desire to force manufacturing jobs from China back to the US may not happen as US businesses want to make good use of China’s large markets.

A sales executive surnamed Zhang at Huajian’s division in Ganzhou, East China’s Jiangxi Province, said Huajian has been taking orders from Ivanka Trump to manufacture shoes for her named brand since 2010.

“It’s possible that the manufacturing jobs for Ivanka Trump shoes might return to the US, but if they need a manufacturer in China to make those shoes, I believe we are the top choice,” Zhang said.

Huajian is moving some of its plants to Ethiopia, Africa for lower labor costs, reported in November. But so far all of Huajian’s orders from Ivanka Trump have been manufactured in Huajian’s Ganzhou factory, Zhang said.

Zhang said that the shoe orders haven’t changed much since Donald Trump won the US presidential election. “I think the orders might rise in the future,” he noted.

Donald Trump said in a presidential debate in September that the US is used as a “piggy bank” to rebuild China, and measures have to be taken to stop US jobs from being “stolen” by China, Global Post reported on September 27.

Xie Shuiqing, an associate professor at the School of Economics and Management at the Chongqing Jiaotong University, predicted that Trump will adopt unorthodox measures to bring manufacturing plants back from China after he assumes office, but whether those measures are effective is yet to be seen.

“Although manufacturing costs in China have risen in recent years, they are still far below the level in the US. Besides, many overseas manufacturers set up plants in China not only for the sake of lower costs, but also for the country’s gigantic market,” Xie said.