US mulls more sanctions on Ethiopia under Magnitsky Act

US mulls more sanctions on Ethiopia under Magnitsky Act

What does the Global Magnitsky Act do?
The Global Magnitsky Act allows the President to block or revoke U.S. visas and to block all US-based property and interests in property of foreign persons (both individuals and entities) who:
a) have engaged in extrajudicial killings, torture, or other gross violations of human rights against individuals who either seek “to expose illegal activity carried out by government officials” or “to obtain, exercise, defend, or promote internationally recognized human rights and freedoms, such as the freedoms of religion, expression, association, and assembly, and the rights to a fair trial and democratic elections;” or
b) government officials or senior associates of such officials who are engaged in or responsible for acts of significant corruption. Individuals who have acted as agents of or on behalf of human rights abusers or who have materially assisted corrupt officials can also be sanctioned.

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