The US Embassy in Addis Ababa has maintained its surprising position!!

The U.S. Embassy in Addis Ababa has still maintained its surprising position as the communications ministry of the TPLF government in Ethiopia. Amazing!!

Hi Everyone, many of you have asked who was included in the process of developing each regional language reading curriculum. We would like to share this additional information. The development process included representatives from Regional Education Bureaus responsible for curriculum development, Regional Education Bureau language specialists in each region, primary school native tongue language instructors, and university professors specializing in linguistics generally. In addition, RTI language specialists were also working with the team throughout the process. The materials were also reviewed by a task-force composed of different stakeholders including elders, religious leaders, representatives from regional culture bureaus, local government officials, gender officers, and more). Each task-force was comprised of people representing that language’s region. The materials were then submitted for final approval and implementation by the Regional Education Bureau and in partnership with RTI, training has been conducted for all teachers using the materials. In each training, it was emphasized that knowledge of the alphabet is a prerequisite for introducing the reading materials. Thank you for your continued interest and engagement. Please continue to post in the comments if you have additional questions.

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Hi Everyone, sorry for the delay, we’ve been trying to get more information to share with you about the program and to start we have these images from the six other languages where this program has been implemented. Each of these slides is from the first few lessons, which also do not correspond with the order of the alphabet in those languages. Again, these books are intended to teach reading, which is a different process from learning the alphabet. The alphabet must be learned first, and is a process of memorizing the name of each letter. Learning to read is the process of understanding the sounds each letter makes in a word and how those sounds come together. The process of USAID READ focuses on identifying sounds that students need to read as many words as possible as quickly as possible. We would also like to share with you that regional education officials in Oromiya have agreed to include the full alphabet in the correct order in all new books that are printed. We are also reaching out to the education officials where the other languages are taught to encourage them to do the same. We will work on answering some of the unanswered questions from yesterday in the comments below. Please continue to ask questions as we move forward.

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Hi Everyone – USAID is helping children across Ethiopia to read in their native languages. The project involves improving teaching methods, but makes no changes to the underlying language (including the alphabet!). You can start posting questions now, but please join us at 3 pm today for a live Facebook chat with a USAID Education Expert to ask questions and learn more!

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  1. How can the USA teach Oromo children their own language when they failed to protect the lives of these very children when they are massacred for years by a terrorist regime they financed, trained and armed?
    The only aid Oromos want from US is stop fanancing the terrorist regime of Ethiopia. We can deal with all of our problems, except this one. US should use their money in their own country, but not finance a barbaric foreign regime to massacre our children.

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