Urgent! Amhara Elites’ Military Conscription For Waging War On Federated Tigray In..

Amhara Elites’ Military Conscription For Waging War On Federated Tigray In Ethiopia Is Another Prove For Elites’ ‘Hegemonic’ Ambition for Territorial Expansion!
August 01, 2021
(By Denboba Natie)
Crisis is engulfing the empire of over 115 million populated Ethiopia since late 2018. Ethiopian empire’s history and stories are stitched together with lies and deceits that are masterminded by the hegemonic rulers (Amhara elites) who claim the empire and its subjects are their own assets over whom they have got ultimate power to do whatever pleases them by claiming they are keeping the empire’s territorial integrity. Their claims are left bare when they remain zipped as the Sudan takes over part of the Ethiopia’s territory. They rather erroneously claim attacking of Tigray is territorial matter. Therefore, they wage war on all nationalist forces including Oromia, Tigray, Sidama, Kemant, Ogadenia, Agaw, Benshangul-Gumuz and the rest of over 80 nations using various excuses.
Apparently, the war rampaging Tigray, Oromia, Benshangul Gumuz, Kemant and Agaw was in fact waged on various nations and nationalities in Ethiopia in various forms since the current PM has cunningly appeared from nowhere to grab power in April 2018. After maliciously grabbing the power, he has gathered Amhara elites around to give him guidance on silencing the mass in order to subdue any nationalist movements. The Amhara elites with the guidance of the Eritrea’s despotic dictator ‘Isaias Afeworki’ are the ones who are currently ruling the empire with iron feast.
I’m not saying to blackmail or fabricating with the aim of undermining the political aspirations of the Amhara elites as I fully support nations’ rights to self-determination.
My argument is based on a factual evidence. When the Amhara’s regional president (Agegnehu Teshager) recently called the entire subjects of Ethiopia to join Amhara for his war on Tigray nation; he has shown he on behalf of Amhara oversees the empire’s affairs. He has also inadvertently revealed the Amhara’s hegemonic ambition during his leaked voice mail message sent to one of Amhara activists (Tamagn Beyene) that the Amhara nation is the only one in Ethiopia shouldering the responsibility of keeping Ethiopia and the Amhara’s hegemonic ambition alive. Historically, national calls were reserved to federal leaders that become illegitimate in the Ethiopian empire’s context. This is evidence that Ethiopia is Amhara elites private enterprise. Therefore, various nations’ elites who support the status-quo must swallow this bitter fact and rethink their positions.
My argument therefore is valid that the empire is ruled by Amhara elites in collaboration with the Eritrea’s dictator (whose objective is vindictive actions against Tigray politicians and the wider nation) who are working day and night to bury the national aspirations of the historically colonised nations of the political south.
The political change that has brought EPRDF to its knees has materialised in late 2017 as a result of popular resistance. The resistance has demanded the sacrifices of precious lives of the peoples of various nations and nationalities. Mainly, the Oromo youth known as Qeerroo/Qaarree as the leader of the revolution has paid huge sacrifices of over 5,800 civilians (between late 2014 and late 2017) to enable the materialisation of the change. The Oromo nation however to date remain the subject of ongoing state terrorism. The Amhara’s PM army, his Amhara elites’ special forces and Eritrean dictator’s army and security apparatuses are widely circulating in Oromia wreaking havoc thereby making the life for Oromo citizens extremely difficult.
The war against nations and nationalities in Ethiopia started following the claimed attempt to assassinate PM Abiy Ahmed in June 2018. However, such war was limited in its scope to some forms of clashes and targeted assassinations of nationalist figure or figures and put the blame on opposition political parties or unknown bogymen created by unionist blokes who extensively utilise international and national unionist Medias working collaboratively with the government. Such smaller skirmishes since 2020 escalated to a full-scale civil war rampaging the entire empire causing serious humanitarian crisis and possible genocide in Tigray, Oromia, Benshangul Gumuz, Kemant and Agaw.
Since November 04, 2020 in particular; citizens in Tigray were targeted by four parties (interest groups) including the Ethiopian national army, the Eritrean national Army, Amhara’s regional special forces including self-declared youth armed groups known as ‘Fano’ (the groups that used to be discreetly dispatched to various parts of Ethiopia to execute citizens and put the blame on other nationalists), Somalia’s Army and UAE assisted drones with the objectives of totally decimating Tigray thereby eradicate its entire populations.
Sadly, currently, all states in Ethiopia are attacking Tigray. Unsettling crimes were committed on Tigray people ever since. Food denial was also used as weapon of war. Amhara elites believe Nationalism and national consciousness in Tigray, Oromia and Sidama to be serious threat to their hegemonic ambition for their territorial expansion the reason why they work extensively to eliminate the nationalists of theses nations.
The war that was waged on Tigray nation on November 04, 2020, was claimed to be ‘’Law-Enforcement and Targeted Operation with SMART objective’’ by the Ethiopia’s current PM and his Amhara elite advisors proved having different goals.
Some of the ultimate goals of the war in fact are: –
1.Actualising Amhara’s ambition for its hegemonic territorial expansion
2.The hatred of Tigray and Oromo nations by three historically antagonising figures (Eritrea, Amhara Elites, Amharas and Amharanised politicians and intelligentsia such as professor Berhanu Nega, Anadargachew Tsige, hundreds of fake Drs and Professors and their likes) who collectively agree on totally decimating Tigray and Oromia first and the rest of nations of the empire subsequently.
3.Silencing nationalism and denying national consciousness of the elites of the historically subjugated nations in Ethiopia for the Amhara elites to remain on their hegemonic seats (Ethiopia and Ethiopian-ness) that perfectly suits them as they portray Ethiopia in their own image, language, religion, mentality and psychology whilst discreetly waging their war of territorial expansion.
4.Creating the empire in their own image that relegates nations and nationalities whilst the Amhara elites reverse thus far achieved gain in the aspects of nations rights to self-determination thereby ensure the burial of nations’ aspiration for their rights to self-determination within the Ethiopian empire.
5.Totally changing of the current constitution and ethnic based federalism to replace it with unitary system.
6.Ensuring that Amhara’s ambition to regaining its imperial hegemony is asserted.
This war waged on Oromo nation since late 2018 and to date ongoing. This war waged on Sidama nation between June 2018 and July 2019 and the Sidama’s dearly earned national state is retaken by Amhara elites therefore led by Amhara installed puppets who seem Sidama but work for the enemies of the Sidama nation. This war has targeted all Oromo’s nationalist politicians thus put them all behind bars for an extended period who remain to this date incarcerated. They have masterminded and executed the assassinations of various high-profile personalities since late 2018.
Since the current PM has grabbed the preciously gained success; evidence show that there remains discreet war declared on Oromo and Oromo nationalism, Tigray and Tigray nationalism, Sidama and Sidama nationalism and the rest nations’ elites’ nationalism by Amhara elites following the fall of Ethiopian Peoples’ Liberation Front (EPRDF) – end 2017. The consequences of Amhara elites’ actions are unfortunately deepening, polarising and dividing all nations of the empire. It has become evident that whilst the Amhara elites drive the entire nations and nationalities into an obliged civil war whose objective is only Amhara’s ambition for territorial expansion and reclaim their lost power, the situation of the empire is heading towards irreversible cataclysmic end.
Apparently, politically astute elites of the empire foresee bleak future for fraternal coexistence and for the continuity of the empire as a national entity. The threads that held the empire together are increasingly thinning due to the reckless and short-sighted but persistent actions of Amhara elites who are blinded with extreme hatred of nationalist forces; overwhelmingly intoxicated with the ambition for power grab, territorial expansion and assert their hegemonic supremacy over their subjects.
The Ethiopian empire was and is mismanaged, badly led, misled and despotically ruled by different dictators who have held power with similar beliefs only acting differently. The subjects are continually subjected to harrowing conditions and their all-round lives are adversely impacted to be portrayed as symbol of poverty and human misery. Since the imperial era generations were subjected to ongoing war, hopelessness and abject poverty apart from some respite for few decades between late 1991 and 2017 when relatively all regions become stable apart from Oromia, Ogadenia, Sidama as the rulers theoretically put constitution that guarantees nations’ right to self-determination in place. EPRDF however failed to implement the constitution into practice eventually resulting in its unpalatable demise at the end of 2017.
We, the sons and daughters of political south of the empire have consistently argued unless the Amhara elites stop their delusional dreams of their aspiration for territorial expansion and power; the empire they dream to save will not survive the wrath of the oppressed mass. Sooner or latter the oppressed mass (Federalist Forces) undoubtedly forge unity to ensure the demise of their arch enemies (Amhara’s hegemonic elites) who wish their subjugation and slavery.
Finally, the need for the mass to understand the current political climate and the war declared on Tigray nation is not ‘theirs’ is an urgent call. The mass must assert the fact that the current Amhara elites declared war under the pretext of saving Ethiopia from possible disintegration is the war waged against their very survival. Therefore, we strongly advise the sons and daughters of the federalist forces to reverse their guns towards the regime that coerces and sends them to fight meaningless war in Tigray, Oromia, Kemant, Benshangule-Gumuz and elsewhere in the empire.
The Amhara elites and their federal government have collectively proved their bestiality to fellow mankind as they inhumanely kill and maim the civilians in Tigray mainly, Oromia, Kemant, Agaw, Benshangul Gumuz in general. They are proving they are the blokes with whom any moral nation or peoples cannot live side by side unless they stop their delusional intoxications with their superstitious ambition for reassertion of their hegemonic rule.
The Tigray citizens on whom war is declared in entire empire must be protected by all federalist forces. Instead, it is Amara elites and the inapt PM who must be obliged to sit for a round table negotiations to find political solutions for the ongoing war that is incepted and staged-managed by these delusional trios.
All political prisoners must be unconditionally released and the war on Tigray, Oromia and in the other indicated regions must be stopped. An unfettered humanitarian accesses must be allowed to Tigray and civil services must be restored.
Until these delusional trios agree to the above, the disintegration of the empire is very likely although these obdurate trios hardly assert the looming danger that potentially brings the empire and its key players to their knees sooner than they can imagine.
Denboba Natie (August 01, 2021)
Can be reached on (denbobanatie@yahoo.co.uk)