#Update: The latest news in Ethiopia:-A war between Amhara and Tigray forces

#Update: The latest news in Ethiopia is limited…

A war between Amhara and Tigray forces is going on in the west of Tigray region and there are two sides of victory.
The president of the Amhara region said that they are ready to ‘ fail ‘ the attack s’ of Tigray ‘ while he said they will break.
A war between ‘ Eritrea and Tigray ‘ has been going on last week in the ‘ border ‘, sources of information in ‘ Agaas ‘ is reported that the situation is calm today ‘ but the losses of that war are too many ‘ Thousands of them reach out.
The Tigre forces have entered many army in the Amhara region and the war of these two ethnic groups have already started.
The Amhara youth are in a long roof for the ‘ places written in the army to join the war. The Journal of ‘THE’ Guardian. She said it all.
On the other side, many Tigrian youths used to write in Aksum Layman to the army as they report to The Guardian.
In Shewa and Waleega region of Oromia there is a war between the central government forces and the OLA.
Ethiopian government has started filling the second phase of GERD water bonding.
Egypt warned Ethiopia to start filling the river without agreement.
There is fear of war in the ‘ long ‘ between Amhara and Tigray ‘ and Amhara region ‘ and Tigray ‘ and both regions are now ready.
The Amhara regional army has said that almost 60 soldiers killed Tigre forces in Tekeze.
Sudanese army said that Ethiopia moves strong army from East Al-Fashaqa.
The Amhara media is telling. It has been said that Sudan is training many soldiers for Tigray to reach 30 thousand…
NJ.. n Ogaadenia media Addis ababa.

Turning point in Tigray: What next for Ethiopia after rebels retake Mekelle?

The prime minister of Ethiopia, Abiy Ahmed, said that leaving his country’s army in Tigray doesn’t mean that the government has failed the war.
He said that the war that has been going on for 8 months has been called to the Tigrian army which is a leader for TPLF.
Abiy who was presenting a speech from the parliament has also mentioned that the Ethiopian army has the power to take another war but it is needed to protect the security of Ethiopia.
He also said that the right decision was to make from the army of Tigray because it was a plan for the next month.
′′ Before we announce a stop, there was a lot of consultations, the military system that was removed from Tigray took us for more than a month ′′
Abiy didn’t talk about the conditions that TPLF arrested for stopping bullets.
Abiy has said that the government has now ended the danger of TPLF and now they have returned weapons from the military base in Tigray.

1 thought on “#Update: The latest news in Ethiopia:-A war between Amhara and Tigray forces

  1. i saw many amhara farmers getting into the truckwith the view to go to humera , raya and warfront closer to this towns. They look like that they are gonna attack an army which controls their home and gonna die for their country. Funny, best example of people who brainwashed by their politicians and die for them.

    expansionists and power mongers could cause a serious damage to their own people, sad story. The thing is Tegaru will not sleep from now on wards . I hope every one stay calm but the reality on the ground is different. Amhara elites are waging war on their own people and want to control the land of Tigray land while leaving their own land to Sudan.

    contempt and degradation of ones own people will not get them anywhere . I heard a story of eritreans fleeing the attack from foreigners and attacking Tigray and Oromos! Contempt to ones own people who share same culture and respect to any foreigner regardless of his power and skills!!!

    It is true that eritreans spies and soldiers could pose as eritrean erefugees but should be investigated and scrutinized before taking actions or even reporting them. we leave this to the concerned body but we have a role to act and play accordingly.There were many PFDJ or higdef spies in Tigray with civilians clothings and these certainly could claim to be refugees when they got caught and no where to escape.We UN or UNHCR need refugees and donot want to prevent killings and famine before it is too late .

    Amhara elites detroyed Tekeze bridge and other bridges for couple of reasons:to deter TDF since they are terrified and intimidated by the victory of Tegaru who challenged invaders of different countries of origin(i.e Eritrea, Somalia, UAE and the entire Ethiopian army composed of various regions and nations including amhara militia and fanos)and to hinder the passage of humanitarian aid to villages and towns of Tigray!They concluded that they will not defend themselves independently against TDF , arch of warriors!

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