Unicorn Syndrome and Abiy Ahmed

Unicorn Syndrome & Abiy Ahmed

We couldn’t have agree more. Dude, you have said it all.

President #MustafaOmar while justifying/defending the reported widespread corruption in the #Somali region has said: ”Somali people are nonsense when their budgets were looted by foreigners (#Tegrays and others) they have kept silent; nonetheless, when #Somalis (himself, and his gov’t members,) are looting the regional resources, they are yelling everywhere and even have the gut to speak about corruption.”

It’s not clear what message he wanted to convey to the public when he was saying this statement.

Regrettably, much evidence indicates that corruption has been around for years, but during Mustafa’s last 2 years’ it has attracted increasing attention. Does the attention reflect an increasing awareness or increasing scope of the problem?

Probably, corruption has increased, and thus, instead of defending/ legalizing such an act you better start fighting and fully controlling it before it’s too late.

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Unicorn Syndrome & Abiy Ahmed

A unicorn is an imaginary character of animal that does not exist in reality but made for kids to feel so special about it. The thinking that Unicorn are the only chosen one and others are not as qualified as them. One can simply understand the deeds of Abiy with his callous action that completely destroy any small achievements accomplished by the Oromo in the past 27 years under the former regime to teach their kids Afaan Oromo and publicly identify as an Oromo.
These few Amhara elites whom he associated with made him felt that he is a unicorn of Oromo to use him as a weapon against the Large Oromo when in reality he is the only leader misguided.

Poolisoota Galmee Jawar Mohammedfaa Qoratan Abiy Tumee hidhe

Shimallis Abdiisaa Waan OBN irratti jedhe ilaalchisuun Yaada