UN warns of ‘serious’ rape charges in Ethiopia’s Tigray

UN warns of ‘serious’ rape charges in Ethiopia’s Tigray

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — The U.N. special representative on sexual violence in conflict says “serious allegations of sexual violence” have emerged in Ethiopia’s embattled Tigray region, while women and girls face shortages of rape kits and HIV drugs amid restrictions on humanitarian access.

“There are also disturbing reports of individuals allegedly forced to rape members of their own family, under threats of imminent violence,” Pramila Patten said in a statement released late Thursday. “Some women have also reportedly been forced by military elements to have sex in exchange for basic commodities, while medical centers have indicated an increase in the demand for emergency contraception and testing for sexually transmitted infections.”

Patten joined growing calls for immediate and unconditional access to the Tigray region, where fighting broke out in early November between Ethiopian forces and those of the now-fugitive Tigray leaders who once dominated the country’s government.

A spokeswoman for Patten’s office wouldn’t say which “military elements” were involved. The fighters in Tigray include those from the neighboring Amhara region and other parts of Ethiopia as well as soldiers from neighboring Eritrea.

New arrivals in camps for refugees and internally displaced people are reporting sexual violence, and “there are increasing reports of sexual violence against women and girls” inside the camps, Patten’s statement said.

Ethiopia’s government says aid has begun flowing into the Tigray region, and Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnen on Friday said 85% of all humanitarian aid corridors in Tigray are now open. He was speaking with visiting British Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab.

But humanitarian workers have told The Associated Press that access remains limited. In addition, aid is sometimes accompanied by Ethiopian forces.

“We are horrified by the reports and allegations we have received of sexual violence during the conflict in Tigray,” the U.N. humanitarian chief for East and southern Africa, Gemma Connell, said in a separate statement Friday.

“The survivors of these alleged attacks must not be seen as statistics but as individual women and girls whose lives have been profoundly altered by the violations committed against them.”


  1. For decades TPLF managed to stay in power because TPLF managed to turn Ethiopia into a lawless land with Ethiopians loosing their sanity as people , TPLF totally succeeded in making different ethnicities wage war against other ethnicities continuously for decades while weakening most Ethiopians by civil wars , providing below acceptable standard health care services also added with basic nutrition deprivation to Ethiopians which allowed TPLF to remain the sole powerfull entity in Ethiopia, a country full of weak and insane people who continued to do insanely criminal acts towards each other while TPLF continued to silence those who raised their voices about the realities in Ethiopia for thirty plus years.

    Now it is being said TPLF is fully lifeless with the most of TPLF’s Juntas unreformed top officials killed or captured, which raises the big question then who are those next year able to run for election against Prosperity Party in Tigray ? Obviously according to official reports from the ground currently TPLF is dismantled by TPLF’s attackers using deadly force to squash TPLF into broken pieces or ashes left in compromised position beyond repair with it’s economic and military power being taken over by whoever boldly demands to deserve it. TPLF’s military power is taken by Fano and Tigray’s local residents with no formal or official explanation to why the Southern , Middle and Eastern part of Ethiopia’s residents are not claiming to deserve some of the captured TPLF’s military weapons as well.

    Be it local , national or international entities are welcomed to take as much bite as they can chew from the TPLF’s economic assets. Surprisingly very few of the highly improvised Ethiopians claimed to deserve a piece of TPLF’s economic power so far , also what is very surprising is increasing number of Ethiopia born refugees in exile , DV winners in USA , business people residing outside Ethiopia , diaspora / returnees , foreign nationals who invested their knowledge to advise TPLF remain in power and many of the Derg’s or Hailesselasie’s regimes supporters are claiming in huge numbers to be deserving the TPLF’s economic power with most succeeding in getting their wishes filling their baskets with as much golds as they want , while those remaining silent getting none which clearly shows that the recent law enforcement operation in Tigray is not serving justice fairly .

    The same political parties who run against TPLF in the 2020’s recent Tigray’s. election are expected
    to be running again at the upcoming election too. In the political arena within Tigray there were parties who won parliamentary seats along with TPLF such as the TIGRAY INDEPENDENCE PARTY , ASSIMBA DEMOCRATIC PARTY , NATIONAL CONGRESS OF GREATER TIGRAY and SALSAY WOYANE TIGRAY who participated in the 2020 election and won parliamentary seats in Tigray, claiming to be representatives of people of Tigray, including to the people of Wolqait and Raya. Their stands in the question of Wolqait and Raya being part of Tigray is said. to be not up for debate. Now when TPLF is revoked from it’s political party status, these other political parties remained registered as political parties in Tigray according the federal government’s election board . By the time the next election will be held almost all of the TPLF’s economic assets and military weapons will likely be in the hands of people who are not voted for by the Ethiopian people , which clearly shows that the recent law enforcement operation in Tigray, is not serving
    justices to the majority of Ethiopians as hoped. While all these are taking place no one is aware including Eritreans themselves of what kind of justice the Isayas Afeworki’s regime is getting or claiming to deserve . Even the Badme question is not being raised by the Eritrean diplomats in Ethiopia , which makes Shabiya’s ( Eritrea’s ) motives in
    Ethiopia highly worrisome .

  2. “The United Kingdom is known to be a key partner of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, and there are speculations among politicized Ethiopians that the diplomatic campaign is aimed at resuscitating what is left of TPLF — a force that mobilized at least 250,000 special forces and militia against the Ethiopian Defense Force,” as reported by borkena, amhara mass media partner .

    continue to accuse everyone, UN, IGAD, USA, UK , Reuters, all countries who are ready to help the displaced people of Tigray, center of ethiopian history. Without Tigray you are people with zero history except accounts of rape, murder, torture, theft and lies without end.

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