UN must act to stop the mass killing by Ethiopian military in Oromia/wellega.

UN must act to stop the mass killing by Ethiopian military in Oromia/wellega.

Killing innocents it can’t bring peace!
#UN must act to stop the mass killing by Ethiopian military in Oromia/wellega.

Robel Mulisa

Namoota 87 Qeellam Wallaggaa aanaa Anfallootti ajjeefaman keessaa namni tokkollee qawwee qabatee beeku hin jiru. Namoonni kunneen irra caalaan isaanii Qotebultoota yoo tahan, barsiisonni, daldaltoonni, ogeeyyiin fayyaa fi barattoonni ajjeefamanis hedduu dha.
Suuraan namoota ajjeefamanii hangi tokko kunooti. Gabroomsaan duruu jira, gabroomsaan akka namittii Abiy jedhan kanaa fi Lammaa takkaa hin turre.

#ወለጋ ላይ ከደርግ መንግሥት የበለጠ #የቀይ_ሽብር ተግባር እየተፈፀመ ለመሆኑ ጉልሶ ላይ ከቤት ተጠርተው የተረሸኑ ወንድማማቾች ሕያው ምስክር ነው !

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  1. Oromo, qeerroo and qarree: How long can we keep quite about the tragedies which have befallen our people in Western and Southern Oromia?

    Ironically, Abiy Ahmed, the prime minister of Ethiopia, aand Lemma Megrssa, the defence minister of Ethiopia, who are presiding over the massacres of our people in Gujii and Wallaga claim to be from Oromia. We know that, at least, they emerged from a political organization using Oromo name. Nevertheless, our people are bleeding under the pretexts of pursuing armed groups who have grievances requiring political solutions.

    Can we stay indifferent to the killings of the Oromo people in west and south Oromia by government security forces? No! This is a matter of not only grave concern to all Oromos but also
    existential emergency to all of us. It doesn’t matter whether we support the government in power or whether we believe that Abiy’s administration is against Oromo interests. It doesn’t matter whether we are from west, south, east, north or central Oromia. We are under attack as Oromo. We must rise up in unison and object to the sufferings of our brothers and sisters. We must pressure the government to stop waging unjust war and, instead, seek political solutions to the disputes. We must ascertain that no regime is allowed to kill us and get away with its crimes. We must hold Abiy and Lemma to account along with their officials, who are conducting the war crimes against our people.

    Every Oromo, young or old, educated or otherwise, rich or poor must understand that the wars against our people in west and south Oromia are the wars against all of us. When the Oromo in Wallaga and Gujii are under attack, messages must echo in every part of Oromia, loud and clear, that the attacks are on all of us. No pretexts should cloud our thinking about the truth behind the wars the government of Ethiopia is waging against the great Oromo people. We must react in unison, like bees whose nests are being shaked. We must be clear, to our friends and foes alike, that a threat to our people anywhere is a threat to all of us. And we must, and can, defend ourselves! Act now in unison!

    The great Oromo people, qeerroo and qarree: understand your immense power and stand up against any repression in unison. Never allow anti-Oromo régimes to conquer you in turn by feeding you on false and divisive propagandas. Organize yourselves and act in unison, now. Say no to wars against our people in all circumstances, and assert yourselves. Make it clear that the government of Ethiopia cannot have free rides in other parts of Oromia and Ethiopia while waging unjust wars against the Oromo in Gujii and Wallaga (south and west Oromia).

    Oromo: a single act of staying away from markets in central Oromia and around garrison cities, holding your grains, live stocks, dairy products and other produces for one week alone can make the Ethiopian government and the anti-Oromo camp to kneel down. Create pressures which can force the government to withdraw its killer forces from Oromo villages. Read each other and act! You just stay away from markets with your produces for a while, without breaking the law, and you don’t lose much when compared to what the anti-Oromo will lose. Remember: You bring your produces to markets and feed them in return for mistreatments and abuses. They will be the losers if you understand your own power and use it. The anti-Oromo lunatic fringes cannot last a single week without grains, beef, chickens, eggs, milk, butter, cheese, honey, vegetables and fruits, which you usually hand over to them to fill their bellies and abuse you. Meaning, you will show them who the real masters are if you stay away with your produces for a week. However, you can postpone buying clothes, even salt and other products without suffering much. Test your power and gain respect for yourselves and our future generations.

    Demand the government of Ethiopia to:

    1) Immediately stop the wars in Gujii and Wallaga (south and west Oromia) and negotiate political settlements with those who have grievances.

    2) Release all Oromo political prisoners without any conditions.

    3) Protect Oromo students who have been subjected to mistreatments and killings in universities in the Amhara region.

    4) Follow up on other Oromo fundamental questions and answer them in manners which can protect Oromo interests.

    Justice prevails!

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