UN: Airstrike in Ethiopia kills 3 refugees, including kids

UN: Airstrike in Ethiopia kills 3 refugees, including kids

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — (spectrum)-The United Nations refugee agency says an airstrike has killed three Eritrean refugees, two of them children, in Ethiopia’s Tigray region amid the country’s war.

A statement the agency issued overnight did not say who carried out the airstrike that hit the Mai Aini camp on Wednesday. Ethiopia’s military has conducted several deadly airstrikes in Tigray in recent months, while Tigray ground forces earlier in the conflict attacked some Eritreans in refugee camps.

The statement by United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi said four other refugees were injured in the strike. “Thankfully, their lives are not at risk,” he said.

Thousands of refugees fled the camps early in the war amid attacks by both Tigray forces and soldiers from nearby Eritrea. Many facilities were destroyed.

Grandi called on all sides to respect the rights of all civilians.

Ethiopia’s war shifted in late December, when the Tigray forces fighting Ethiopia’s government withdrew back into the Tigray region after approaching the capital, Addis Ababa, A drone-supported military offensive pushed them back.

The U.N.’s humanitarian agency reported late last month that between Dec. 19 and 24, “airstrikes on Tigray reportedly led to mass civilian causalities, including dozens of people reportedly killed, making this the most intense series of air attacks and casualties reported since October.” It said most attacks and casualties were reported in towns in southern Tigray.

An estimated tens of thousands of people have been killed in the war that erupted in November 2020, and millions more have been displaced. Ethiopia’s government has sought to restrict reporting on the war and detained some journalists, including a video freelancer accredited to The Associated Press, Amir Aman Kiyaro.

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The United Nations warned that several United Nations agencies and NGOs will be forced to stop their activities in the Tigray region of Northern Ethiopia, if there is no human resources, oil and white money. Don’t be taken there as soon as possible.
Sihaam Ahmed. Ogaadenia media Addis Ababa

Prime minister Abiy Ahmed said that the police, the law and justice agencies are in a lot of problems. Many civilians are jailed without crime.
Abiy Ahmed said ‘ we don’t have a level where we can talk about justice, if the person who was oppressed yesterday and complained about it is wrong today’ that is something we will never get out of.
It is worth noting that UN security agencies like the police, many people from Tigray went to prison.
Nj. Ogaadenia media Addis Ababa

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  1. The world politics is turning sour and spreading stinky smell , and deceiving  us to think in unnatural and abnormal way. There is no special person in a war torn Tigray her every one’s life is in danger.

    Eritreans claim they fled forced military recruitment ad imprisonment. However, Ethiopians, regardless of their ethnic and religious background,  now everywhere  are risking their lives and hard-earned properties on the account of this war.

    No one should die, including those troops from all sides. We could easily imagine the government is forcing men and women to kill their neighboring tribes, although there are wicked troops instigated  by monetary and territorial expansion motives.

    There are Eritrean media depicting Eritreans as most affected people in this war as if entering from one hellish to the most extremely disastrous situation to magnify their rhetoric out of egoistic attitude by ignoring other’s plight.

    Every one in Tigray is in danger and  one should not go to the UNHCR office to assume ” refugee or the status of a person whose life is in danger ”

    Some say politically motivated articles like this could initiate snobbish politicians  who were turning blind eyes to the suffering of Tegaru , Agew, Irob, Kimant and Oromos and UAE blood sucking top dogs to Stop this war  and stop their military supplies  since their act is always politically motivated than compassion to humanity .

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