UAE Cancelled the construction of military base in Berbera

UAE Cancelled the construction of military base in Berbera

By: Jama Farah, Horndiplomat Contributor
(horndiplomat)-The government of the United Arab Emirates has Cancelled the construction of the military base in Berbera, Somaliland. Horndiplomat reports
According to the UAE daily newspaper The National, The Emirates has had a military base in Eritrea since 2015 but plans for another base in Somaliland were cancelled.
On September 14, 2019, The Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi announced the cancellation of the agreement in Berbera airport in a televised speech on Saturday, saying“Berbera’s most controversial airport that UAE Build a Military base today’s become a civilian airport”.
“This week the construction of the airport will begin and will be one of the biggest airports in the world. People will come from the air and from the sea and will be one of most strategic airports”, he added.
On  Feb. 12, 2017, Somaliland parliament had overwhelmingly approved the deal to allow the United Arab Emirates to establish an air and naval base in the port town of Berbera.
After parliament vote, The UAE had begun the construction of the base on a site at the airport of port city Berbera, and as the agreement allows the deal, the UAE will be allowed to maintain its presence for 30 years.

NAHCO takes over Ethiopian Airlines business

As handling company exercises contract rights The Nigerian Aviation Handling Company (NAHCO) Plc has taken over the handling of Ethiopian Airlines Cargo and Mail Services, which was  previously handled by Skyway Aviation Handling Company (SAHCO) Plc. A statement by Mr. Tayo Ogunbanjo, the Head, Legal Services, NAHCO on Wednesday said that the development was based on the provisions of the Standard Ground Agreement Service (SGHA) signed on October 1, 2018 between the two companies.

Ogunbanjo stated that the current SGHA agreement between NAHCO and Ethiopian Airlines is for three years. He said, “Ethiopian Airlines should ideally not have two contracts running on the same cargo handling business. Since we have an existing and bidding contract, we are simply exercising our right as stipulated in that contract.” Also commenting, Prince Saheed Lasisi, Group Executive Director, Commercial and Business Development, NAHCO PLC, said, “under Section 5 and as stated in Clauses 1.10 and 1.11 of our current contract, NAHCO is entitled to charge Export Terminal Charges to the Exporter and Import Terminal Charges to the Agent or Consignee.” According to him, consultations were made and clarifications sought before the company embarked on this takeover, carrying along all concerned parties. Giving reasons why this is happening now, Ogunbanjo, said: “on assumption of office recently, I came across this oversight while going through the company’s obligations and contracts. “As a law abiding and corporately responsible entity we choose to deal on the right side of existing and extant laws and contracts.”