U.N. security team blocked, shot at near Ethiopian refugee camp

U.N. security team blocked, shot at near Ethiopian refugee camp

ADDIS ABABA (Reuters) – A United Nations security team seeking to visit a camp for Eritrean refugees in Ethiopia’s war-hit Tigray region was denied access and shot at, two diplomatic sources said on Monday.

The incident occurred when the team tried to visit Shimelba, one of four settlements for Eritreans in the northern Tigray region, the sources told Reuters. They declined to give more details, saying the full circumstances were unclear.

Neither Ethiopia’s government nor the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), who have been at war since Nov. 4, immediately responded to requests for comment. Information from Tigray has been hard to verify because communications have been largely down and access has been tightly controlled.

There was no immediate comment from U.N. officials.

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  1. These crime must be perpertrated by Amahara militias and Eritrean higdef army !I can assure you there is no other way ! We Tigrians are protecting and embracing Eritreans in our land and we donot even invite them to help us during this challenging time.

    Those Oromo cadres working for PP, the same as in the cases of Eritreans who support Higdef, are anti oromo and the enemies of the entire tribe there . We should take note of this crime. Amharas are unforgivable enemies of the entire horn of Africa let alone the crime they commited against Tigrians!!

    As you know there are many eritreans working for Abiy and his party PP by killing innocent civilans and protecting the fallen regime just as a an obselete house supported by the rusty and rotten mast, amhara elites and thier dying militias!!

    I beg a pardon , could this be treated as a hate speech ???

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