The young OPDO cadres are stuck between the tyrannical TPLF regime

The young OPDO cadres are stuck between the tyrannical TPLF regime and the Oromo people
 Some important stats from Abiy Ahmed (PhD).

Investors promised on paper to hire 1 million, but actually hired just over 100k.

40% of all investment in Oromia is in the Finfinnee Surrounding Zone. More than 90% of investors are domestic. These investors flock to Finfinnee and its surrounding to invest when they get enough money elsewhere in the country failing to recycle their money locally.

How do you deal with investors who flock to Finfinnee and its surrounding creating such economic imbalance between the centre and peripheries?

Tax Finfinnee and its surrounding heavy. Oromia should adopt a strategic system of tax where it is very highest in Finfinnee surrounding and lowest in Borana or Qellam Wallaggaa.

The federal revenue and customs authority collected about 135 billion birr in 2016/2017 fiscal year.

Oromia regional government collected only 10 billion in the same fiscal year.

Such prosperous and large state with a third of country’s population and more than half its economic activities can only collect about 7.5% of what the federal government can collect?

This is absolutely outrageous.

 Via  Biyya Oromiyaa

Young OPDO cadres like Lema Megersa and Abiy Ahmed who have ascended to to the higher position kept for long time by old illiterate sycophants like Kuma and Aba Dula are now changing the image of OPDO. The Oromo people are expected to change their move on how to combat the new phenomena as well. Even though it’s not as easy as previous strategy to expose OPDO’s loyalty to TPLF, one thing has become crystal clear today. The new propaganda strategy being implemented by OPDO is quite working simultaneously against the polarized forces – TPLF and the Oromo. OPDOs can’t fully please their creators as they have been doing over the last quarter of a century, as the same time they are never expected to meet Oromo’s demand under the structure of this TPLF regime. TPLF is losing some gains to the Oromo people post the popular Oromo Protests in order to control the protest not to reach the boiling point.

via: Yaya Beshir