These two sets of victims from two entirely different parts of the Oromia,

These two sets of victims from two entirely different parts of the Oromia, namely Central Oromia and East and Southern Oromia are victims of the predatory state and the failure of the state institutions meant to protect them and defend them and their property.

Team Lemma’s first responsibility and priority are to defend and protect the Oromo people by raising an army and national defense forces against these hell-bent enemy forces who are killing our people daily.

In connection with defending the people from attack, providing humanitarian assistance and resettling those evicted and displaced Oromo nationals back on their respective ancestral lands both in Central Oromia including Addis Ababa and in the eastern and southern Oromia are the duty and obligation of Team Lemma or anyone who will govern Oromia and the Oromo people. Team Lemma or someone in this team is not simply failing on both grounds, but are playing one set of victims against the other set of victims to gain cheap and shortsighted political gain on an issue that needs serious thoughts and long-term planning by looking at the present and future societal implications of those massive displacements and evictions never seen or heard in the history of the Oromo people.

Is Team Lemma abandoning the Oromo lands currently occupied and taken by the Somali Janjaweed Militia by resettling Oromos from Eastern Oromia and Southern Oromia in central Oromia mainly in Oromia cities around Addis Ababa by displacing more Oromo people from central Oromia? Or is Team Lemma abandoning over a half million Oromo nationals evicted and displaced from within and around Addis Ababa by the TPLF land grabbers through what is known as the Addis Ababa Masterplan which was the key causes of the Oromo protests? What exactly are those in the Team Lemma after? Are they expecting the two sets of victims to fight each other instead of defending them against the common enemy by unifying the Oromo people and protecting their respective lands? This is plain stupid and way too cheap even to write about it!

Via: Birhanemeskel Abebe Segni