Two major illegal acts found: By Abiy Ahmed’s Prosperity in Oromia!!!

Two major illegal acts found:
1. There’s no legally registered party called “Oromiya prosperity party”
2. This unregistered political party used the state seals of Bishoftu administration.
No legal, in illegal acts!!

Dábessá Gemelal

Since Colonel Abiy and his cronies hijacked the Qeeroo revolution, the Abyssinian media outlets and govt controlled medias openly vilifying anything and everything Oromo for the last two years, and now a single Oromo woman spoke how and what she feels about Abyssinian corrupt culture and its negative influences on Oromo and Oromummaa, now those so called private and govt medias, govt officials such as Debtera Daniel Kibret calling on the so called Broadcasting Agency to shut down the OMN.
Where was the Broadcasting Agency when for over two years, Debteras from Church Halls, so called Abyssinian activists , private Abyssinian print and television outlets vilifying the entire population??
Who would tell these morons that Oromos are sick and tired of living with them?

STOP vilifying the entire population and STOP your double standards when it comes to Oromos.

For Oromos, It is more than overdue exiting the Ethiopian Empire State!! Via Hailu Goche

BB$:”Mootummaa Jiddu galeessarra taa’ee Yoo oromoon wal nyaatemalee
Ani aangorra turuu hin danda’u” je’ee yaadutu nuqunname ammas”